Friday, 27 December 2013

The Virunga Mountains Gorillas

Gorilla Village in the Virunga Mountains, Democratic Republic of Congo.
 The gorilla population has been dropping over years due to man -made conflict with nature; Gorillas have been victims of the war that has been ravaging the eastern part of Congo, DRC for twenty years.When gorillas are uprooted from their natural environment, and kept in Zoos, they tend to lose their natural instincts such observation of objects-gorillas are known to create a surprise encounter among a family group as a form of play, interaction, etc. However, when moved away from their habitat, they abandon it.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Why Paul Kagame Hates Banyarwanda

Its not unusual for notorious despots like Paul Kagame, to be obsessed with their appearances- today in Rwanda, images of dictator Paul Kagame are becoming larger, more visible, and more imposing. The deadly intore militia even compete among themselves, to impress their boss with the best images and songs of him. Thus,Rwanda Patriotic Front party has no image  of its own, but of dictator Paul Kagame.

Friday, 20 December 2013

First Serie: Democratic Republic of Congo Art

The art scene in Congo has been dormant for sometime due to the support from authorities. The artistic fraternity in the past,was very diverse and well supported by the government.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Paul Kagame's Top Propagandist Sets up a Gigolo Agency

Last week we were informed by our Peeping Tom of how Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame left the family house after midnight dressed in a short dress and with a big bag. Our Paparazzo also confirmed the unusual changing of cars in the notorious Biryogo area during the wee ours of the morning.

How Thieves Stole Money From Paul Kagame

When we listened to Paul Kagame’s financial report during the address to the nation-those that understand commonsense economics,can agree with us that those figures were terribly cooked-up.
It sounded more like one of those dictatorial schemes aimed at humiliating and degrading Banyarwanda. i.e. Ndi Umunyarwanda, Ikigega Agaciro-Fund, Gusaba Imbabazi, Ngwino urebe, etc.This one is called Umubare-imibare.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Paul Kagame Was Humiliated in South Africa

The world of Paul Kagame has become very predictable and at the same-time pathetic. Early this week Paul Kagame shunned the company of world leaders that had gathered in a collective statesmanship to pay their tribute and also celebrate the heavy weight of Freedom, Nelson Mandela. However, criminal Paul had some other selfish rendezvous to pursue.

Has Paul Kagame Been Poisoned

According to a report dispatched by our Peeping Tom, Paul Kagame spent last night crawling on the floor of the toilet and making strange wailing sounds like that of a Cat that has been shut-out by its owner.

How Paul Kagame was Ordered Not to Attend Nelson Mandela’s Funeral

Those of you that think know what goes in Rwanda- especially Kagame’s worshipers, you know nothing. In reality, the real Head of state of Rwanda is Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame  and Paul Kagame is the Executioner and Front-man. Not only is she the richest African first lady, but She oversees, coordinates illicit trade networks around Africa. She has amassed wealth through crooks and proxies so she can evade public scrutiny-to the extent that  all Rwanda juicy out-lets are filled with her cronies.

Paul Kagame’s YoYo Economy, Part 1

The Rwanda government has fraudulently portrayed itself as a very successful and prosperous economic hub in Africa-thus, it markets itself shamelessly as the Singapore of Africa. To be frank to people, Rwanda so called economic prosperity is a big sham. What we have in place is Kagame’s personal enterprise-Crystal Ventures, that controls assets worth more than $900 million inside Rwanda.

Paul Kagame's Part in Rwanda Genocide

The World was recent glued to their Television sets, watching the humiliating defeat of Paul Kagame’s M23 Militia out-fit. The defeat was not only a blow to criminal Paul Kagame, but also his worshipers around the world that don’t see beyond his arse , because their heads are stuck in there, and are busy influencing the international community basing from what they see and pick from the criminal’s dirty arse.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Congo Art; The The other Design

This week I decide to break the rules of design and experimented with new ways of seeing things-Good designers can't create stuff without risking. I could say that this is good for the project especially when conceptualizing elegance with Kikongo
Maybe for those that are just visiting for the first-time this Blog and haven't followed the previous posts-this is a project that is meant to use digital Art(3D, Animation,Illustration,etc) as a tool for conflict resolution. Thus, the final result will be used to interact with  all stake-holders of the region to find solutions that unites everyone without resorting to violence.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Beautiful Congo Woman

In this serie, its all about the Beautiful Congolese women. I think its always good to appreciate beauty and sexiness. By doing so, it enable someone to treasure and  defend that beauty.Thus, you don't abuse someone you love dearly-When you love someone, you're always confident to show them to everyone. This's why I have no qualms showing of  beautiful Congolese women-However, we all see beauty in different ways, and that's why I'll have to feature more Congolese Girls in the future to show that, there's more of that beauty..

Congo M23 Rebels Are Planning a Massacre

After realising that the people hate and will never support M23 Rebel out-fit, the rebel handlers in Rwanda, are now planning to use plan C-Massacre civilians till they lose the appetite to live.
This plan has always worked for Paul Kagame-Massacre civilians and make it look like it was a third party that did it. Then forcefully take ownership of their property. This has been a pattern that the notorious Rwandan Tyrant, Paul Kagame has employed in all his killing fields.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Congo 3D Art

Its not everyday that you come across modern Art from Congo as the internet is filled with only horror stories about Congo. Nothing positive is ever written about this great country-The media and their friends that have reclaimed-should I say hijacked the image of  Democratic Republic of Congo, have turned a fifth of the country and packaged it as the entire nation-they've found a market to scramble for and made a killing with the biggest hammer of Public relation disaster.

Congo M23 Rebels Are Committing Horrendous Crimes

M23 rebels have summarily executed at least 44 people and raped at least 61 women and girls since March 2013 in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Local residents and rebel deserters reported recent forced recruitment of men and boys by the M23 in both Rwanda and Congo.

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Congo M23 Rebels Topple their Leader

As internal infighting takes center stage within the notorious rebel out-fit of M23, the infighting has already claimed 32 rebels and 65 innocent civilians lives. Among the rebel officers that died from their own sword include: 1 major, 3 captains and 8 lieutenants. Meanwhile, 5 captains and 3 majors have been clandestinely moved to Uganda for treatment after sustaining life-threatening injuries.

Monday, 25 February 2013

M23 Rebels Fight Among themselves

Fighting between rival factions of the M23 rebel movement in the northeastern Rutshuru region of the Democratic Republic of Congo has left 10 dead, a hospital source in Rutshuru said on Monday.
The provincial hospital said that 10 bodies were counted after the clashes on Sunday night, while two injured men were taken in for medical treatment.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Congolese Beauty Magazine: 2nd Edition

In general, Congolese love a good time and have big hearts-the notion that Congolese love wars is misconceived, because those wars are mostly imposed on Congo by foreign countries such as Rwanda and Uganda. This being the early edition,I promise to improve on every upcoming edition.

Congo DRC has No Tribe called Banyarwanda

I’ve always asked myself, what went wrong in North kivu that has turned communities into monsters?? I remember as a child, when I would leave Uganda(boarding school) for holidays in Congo-DRC, the moment I arrived in Bunagana-people in Rutshuru knew that I was in town. I always found myself a subject of interest from Hutu,Tutsi and Twa.  Our home always had Tutsi, Hutu and Twa visitors coming in and going-out. Its when I would go back to Uganda or visit Rwanda that I would encounter the differences, as I was always a victim of profile harassment.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Creativity for Peace and development in Congo-DRC

Very many apologies to all fans of this blog for not updating it regularly-not posted anything for a very long-time, I promise this year, to post great content.

The Kinshasa city and Congolese comic project is still being developed. However, this project is to extend to Uganda,Rwanda,Angola,Burundi, and Tanzania. The reason for this, is very simple. 

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