Saturday, 23 February 2013

Congolese Beauty Magazine: 2nd Edition

In general, Congolese love a good time and have big hearts-the notion that Congolese love wars is misconceived, because those wars are mostly imposed on Congo by foreign countries such as Rwanda and Uganda. This being the early edition,I promise to improve on every upcoming edition.
The Congolese fashionistas pride themselves in a well designed African garment-the African design is embed in their souls.

In this edition  will pullout our old catalog that wasn't published and feature some of the beautiful and sexy congolese ladies. I hope to feature more beauty that will make you happy. As always,Congo DRC is not about violence, people are so resliant.

This is just the start of  what is to come in the future-a greater concept of the magazine is still in the process, you wont be disappointed with the great content.

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