Saturday, 27 June 2015

The Crimes Awaiting the Rwandan Killer, General Karake Karenzi

General Karake Karenzi was arrested in London on 20.06.2015 under a European arrest warrant issued by Spain. He is accused of many serious crimes committed in Rwanda and the DRC during and after 1994.
54-year-old, Karenzi Karake, the head of Rwanda's intelligence services, was due to meet Alex Younger on 18 June. According to sources, but the meeting was cancelled at the last moment The general was arrested two days later. Gen Karake has been granted £1m bail by Westminster magistrates ahead of a full extradition hearing in October.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Interacting with Paul Kagame

Its been a while since we visited Criminal Paul Kagame's autocracy-the reason for this, is to do with our other projects that will soon be reveled to the world these coming days. We promise to expose this criminal in a new dynamic way that will be interactive and fun.
However, it does not mean that we haven' been following events in the region-we thank all the activists that continue to resist the criminal regime of Rwanda in their own way, and space.

General Emmanuel Karake Karenzi of Rwanda is a Mass Murderer

Emmanuel Karake Karenzi nicknamed "Afande KK", was born on December 23, 1960 in Buringa Commune, near the border with Uganda. This is the place where the RPF entered Rwanda from Uganda in 1990.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Uganda Dictator Opens War on Social Media

The Rwandan born, turned Uganda Dictator Yoweri Museveni-has  issued a statement: “To Irresponsible People Spreading Falsehoods Using WhatsApp”

I would like to inform the listeners and those who follow the goings on, on the social media that that

I described the first group as “Abasiru”, “Abashema” and “Abazigu” (stupid, uninformed and enemies).
I now describe this group as Abatemu, Abanyaanda and Abazigu (criminals, opportunists and enemies). Although, I will not have time to answer much of the nonsense on the social media,

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