Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Beautiful Congo Woman

In this serie, its all about the Beautiful Congolese women. I think its always good to appreciate beauty and sexiness. By doing so, it enable someone to treasure and  defend that beauty.Thus, you don't abuse someone you love dearly-When you love someone, you're always confident to show them to everyone. This's why I have no qualms showing of  beautiful Congolese women-However, we all see beauty in different ways, and that's why I'll have to feature more Congolese Girls in the future to show that, there's more of that beauty..
Congo being so diverse with many tribes, I think it will be unfair to pretend that they don't exist.

 I've always found Congolese women to be good posers-they love to pose and show off how beautiful they're. I think its confidence-they're so confident to stand anywhere and pose for the camera.

 What I can't answer is whether beauty, is what we look at or feel sub consciously-ever wondered why some people fall in love with someone- not because how they look, but how their voice sounds. Beauty could just be someone's behavior-i.e. what you might consider to be a provocative way of seating, to someone else it could indeed be beauty at its peak. Lastly, Beauty is not all about the made-up face and figure, mannerism/attitude is what attracts most people. However made-up someone's face can be, with a bad attitude, they're abound to fail in the field of love-Bad attitude puts off people.

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