Saturday, 27 October 2012

Who is the Real Paul Kagame

Sometimes its always better to understand the background of a mass murderer and why he's so arrogant to the extent that he's worshiped by corupt politicians as if he's some little African god in a Juju shrine.

You don't need to go far in Eastern Congo to see the pain, that Paul Kagame has caused in the eyes of Congolese People. Not only has he caused destruction and misery, but has also destroyed harmony among communities. I remember as a Kid, we would cross to Uganda or Rwanda to visit friends around the virunga area, we stayed till late in the night and walked back with no worry. Today its no even thinkable as the entire area is now swamped by Killers on Kagame's payroll.

The arrogance of Paul Kagame is so infectious that its eating up Rwandese social fabric, to the point that they can't even see  the bigger picture of Tomorrow. The arrogancy is so infectious that it led to disgraced former British Cabinet Minister Andrew Mitchell to behave like his pal, murderer Paul Kagame.

The Psychotic Tyrant recent told Law makers that he has never at any-time stopped Congolese plundered minerals from crossing via Rwanda, why are the west now playing a different tune??? He wondered almost crying!

Kagame's career begun in Uganda during the notorious reign of Idi Amin. He first joined the services of the dictator as a Policeman.

First Edition of Congo Beauty

Inspite of political problems facing Congo, the social fabric is intact and that's what makes us congolese what we are. Our diversity is like an eternal frame that no power on this earth can ever extinguish. The most important person in Congo is the woman, we pride the Congolese woman, and a congolese woman cannot be without her showing off her beauty and style.
It would have been unfair not to future Beautiful Congolese women on this Blog.

Congolese Art;Manga

In my previous post of creating-designing a Congolese Comic, I've experimented with different blend of character design and ended up with a Manga. Though the purpose was to create characters for a comic strip, I think I might as well get more adventurous and come up with an animation comic and manga genre. I know manga might sound Japanese, but Manga is [for] cartoon in Japanese language.
This monster represents the evil of Paul Kagame's genocidal militia in Congo

A well designed character will be very interesting to animate and also create some realism to the viewer. Can you imagine if one of these characters was doing Malewa or Lopelle, it would be amazing. I'm also going to use English to reach a wider audience as Lingala and french won't server the purpose of the project-that of marketing Congolese art and Congo.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Paul Kagame and The Deceptive Game

The picture that has been portrayed of Rwanda as a successful and model country for the rest of the world to emulate is very deceptive.
This Narrative has been packaged and sold to the world by a very aggressive PR machine, but behind the story is a very ruthless and genocidal despot, Called Paul Kagame.

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