Monday, 22 July 2013

Congo 3D Art

Its not everyday that you come across modern Art from Congo as the internet is filled with only horror stories about Congo. Nothing positive is ever written about this great country-The media and their friends that have reclaimed-should I say hijacked the image of  Democratic Republic of Congo, have turned a fifth of the country and packaged it as the entire nation-they've found a market to scramble for and made a killing with the biggest hammer of Public relation disaster.

 I started off this project as a Comic series for the Democratic Republic of Congo(RDC), but as the project progressed, I discovered new ways I could carry it out-the comics will look like comics and have their special slot-posting-yes, they'll be more social and political. However, one slot will be for 3D characters and environments-i.e towns.game parks,cities,etc.
 This character was inspired by the Mighty Congo Empire that covered both Congo,Angola,Urundi-Ruanda,Central Africa and Southern Sudan.

 Its believed that the Bakongo were a mighty warrior people that fought of the invading Pharaoh Army in Sudan-they used iron to their advantage-long story.....

 If Congo was secure from foreign criminal militias, then you would see the tourism industry attracting all sorts of Alien people

 Congo is nothing without its people-its the people that make what Congo is all about

When you ask many Congolese how the devil might look like and where he would come from?? The nearest could look like this:

I started this process as a personal project to break the negative media bias of an entire country- Congo(DRC) is such a vast country with a vast people and talent. The cultures are so rich that you would have tonnes of books to compile.

In the comic series, I'll use many settings to tell my story-a city  has been carved in the Virunga

 I found that the young Congolese generation have a thing for Japanese culture-thus, you can find a Congolese naming themselves Japanese pseudo names

Next-time we look at  Congolese hard hitting comic series

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