Thursday, 30 January 2014

Congo DRC Magazine, 2nd Edition

In this second issue I mixed old and new to create a blend of the other Congo. However, the magazine is bound to change as it develops-thus,everything will be featured, ie. both sexes,culture,society,fashion,etc. As you can tell, I'm always caught between several languages-its on purpose to familiarise the audience with Lingala(DRC main language) and French-and also to encourage Congolese to teach Lingala to the world. Yes, a lingala language tutor is in production.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Yoweri Museveni Confesses to War Crimes in Public

After twenty four years, the Uganda dictator has confessed that his militia committed crimes in Teso,Uganda. The war criminal seems to think as always, that Ugandans are stupid and don’t know what takes place in their country. For criminal Museveni to call for fresh investigations against his militia who could have committed  horrendous atrocities against  the civilian population in Teso sub-region in the early 1990′s, is an insult to the victims that asked for the same 24 years ago. However, his public confession should be considered as a handball around the goal of justice.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Why Jeannette Kagame has Seperated

On this planet we have two types of people; those that don’t have anything or even consumed by worldly materialism, but very happy, and contended with the little they have. Then we have those who have almost everything, and even excess that if they wanted, they could share it with those that have nothing- for the rest of their life-time. However, this later group tends to be the most unhappy,selfish,greedy,arrogant,cruel,deceitful,paranoid,destructive,etc. That’s why we have the likes of Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame, always unhappy, grabbing everything she can lay her filthy hands on,changing sexual partners like lip stick, hyper-tension, sleepless,etc.

Monday, 13 January 2014

The Return Of Paul Kagame From the Dead

The Rwandan Chief Zombie, Paul Kagame woke up yesterday and as usual, was escorted by the Gikongoro witch, Jeanette Nyiramongi Kagame. The couple decided to go on a freaking tour to market their evil trade in a nearby church, and declared  that they had brought salvation for Mankind and  there was no shame to aggressively carry on with their ministry of a Rwandan apocalypse .The Zombie was very angry that Christians are not out there looking for people to kill. The freaked-out and scared Christian fundamentalist, that had gathered to pray, had no choice but to seat-like they were on a potty and listened to what the zombie wanted to preach.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Democratic Republic of Congo, to Sign a £2 Billion Deal with United Kingdom

République démocratique du congo président a de grands projets cette année

The Democratic Republic of Congo is like a leopard that still sings the stories of its ancestors. The leopard is a very smart,courageous, and persevering animal, that rarely gives up its prey- regardless of the difficulties or conditions it might face, it never gives up.

Why Paul Kagame is Dead

Our Peeping Tom has confirmed that in the last four days, the international community has been dealing with Dictator Paul Kagame’s double-call it impersonator.Its believed that two women and four Men-if you want you can use the term Gang of Six are the ones running Rwanda and making all important decisions. That’s why Paul Kagame’s double, has been kept away from live functions , as Banyarwanda will discover the truth.
Yes, its very true Paul Kagame is half dead -the medical word normally used is coma.What we confirm is that the criminal indefinite sleep was caused by internal bleeding from a bullet.

Why Paul Kagame is hiding

Dictator Paul Kagame pondering who to kill next
Its now coming to four weeks since Dictator Paul Kagame went into hiding and has not even shown his face since last year.The Rwanda autocratic regime being one that feeds and lives on the genocide industry, has been planning a new scheme to launch a market for criminal Paul Kagame’s genocide narrative of 1994 against the Tutsi.

How Paul Kagame Destroys Communities

The Congolese people woke up on Thursday 2nd Jan 2014 to look towards the new year, but were instead drowned in tears for the loss of their gallant Son,Colonel Mamadou N’Dala that was killed by criminal Paul Kagame’s assailants on Thursday, Jan. 2 in a cowardly ambush, disguised as Allied Democratic Forces(ADF) of Uganda. While they were grieving , they learnt that Rwandans too, were also grieving their own, Colonel Patrick Karegeya that was murdered by the same criminal, Paul Kagame. The crminal had presented a nightmare to the families and friends of both Colonels. thus, inflicting pain to people is when coward Kagame feels relevant.

Why Louise Mushikiwabo is Not Good

Louise Mushikiwabo is a foreign minister with no diplomatic instincts and deep understanding of Rwanda history.In short,she’s a career prostitute that has been able to corrupt brainless criminals, that she’s an authority of Rwandan History.To even make matters worse,she claims-should we say,markets herself as a powerful advocate of rights for the empowerment of women and gender equality in the great lakes of Africa. Again very wrong, unless when it involves the fraudulently claiming of money for ghost charitable causes, that’s when she remembers the empowerment of women.

Friday, 3 January 2014

United Nations Condemns The killing of Colonel Mamadou N'Dala

The Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in the DRC, Martin Kobler, condemned the assassination of Colonel Mamadou N'Dala killed Thursday, Jan. 2 in an ambush by unidentified gunmen 5 kilometers from Beni in North Kivu. In a statement released the same day, the head of MONUSCO expresses its deep indignation and sadness after the assassination.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Colonel Mamadou N'Dala killed

Colonel Mamadou Ndala Commando Brigade commander was killed this Thursday, Jan. 2 in an ambush attributed to Ugandan rebels of the Adf-Nalu in the village called Ngadi between airport Mavivi and Beni town (North Kivu). Reached by telephone, the government spokesman Lambert Mende confirmed the news. 

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