Sunday, 12 August 2012

Congolese Fashion

The Democratic Republic of Congo might be a forgotten country especially when it comes to human rights abuses, but the resolve of its people and friends is amazing. 
This country that serial criminals from Rwanda have tried to bring down to its knees, has the most talented people on planet earth. Our culture is so rich that you can't compare it with other nations-especially with what has been happening for the last 16 years, 8 million innocent lives have been lost and the world did nothing. Okay, let me save the sad events for another day.

Our country has the best designers, musicians, and Artists on the African continent. In fact, the inventor of the first African electronic tablet the Way-C, Verone Mankou is congolese but resides in the Congo Republic[ehh, still Congo]- Its only Congolese music that is still authentic with the African flavor.

Our creativity and test in fashion, is no accident-when the almighty deposited minerals in Congo, that would transform the way the world communicated there was a reason for it, we had been blessed.

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