Thursday, 15 June 2017

The Rule of Law and Rights of individuals has become a thing of the Past

As Africans continue to make endless dangerous journeys to Europe and the North America- escaping bad regimes and social inequalities, their new host are not that very welcoming. The human misery we continue to see on our TV sets is mostly caused by brutal regimes such as the one in Uganda,etc. The rule of Law and rights of individuals has become a thing of the past because most of the oppressive regimes continue to be supported by their former colonial powers such as Britain.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Resistance Against the Hitler of Africa, Paul Kagame

The Rwandan Notorious Killer, Paul Kagame did not have his way, when he visited Brussels, Belgium for a summit that had a Posh name, for Africa investment but useless for Africa as the person masquerading to be the spokesman for Africa, happens to be a notorious war criminal that is responsible for the death of  6 million innocent people.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

The Rwandan President is Addicted to Gambling

The one thing that Rwandans don't know about their creepy president, is the addiction to gambling. Its not today that Pilato aka Paul Kagame has started gambling, his addiction goes way back to the time when he was a vagabond in Kampala, before escaping from his debtors to the bush to seek sanctuary with Yoweri Museveni's militia. Of-course he never did any fighting but spent most of the time riding a bicycle, playing Matatu/Karata/cyanisi(east africa game card)and executing people.

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