Saturday, 27 October 2012

First Edition of Congo Beauty

Inspite of political problems facing Congo, the social fabric is intact and that's what makes us congolese what we are. Our diversity is like an eternal frame that no power on this earth can ever extinguish. The most important person in Congo is the woman, we pride the Congolese woman, and a congolese woman cannot be without her showing off her beauty and style.
It would have been unfair not to future Beautiful Congolese women on this Blog.

Its also good for the world to understand that we do also live and we're not all carrying guns and running around the Kivu killing each other.

We do have our capacity as a people to always pick the pieces and get on with our lives. The world has turned against us, but they'll never break us in-spite of conspiring to murder 6  million of our people, we shall never break down,because we're Congolese.

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