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Why Paul Kagame is hiding

Dictator Paul Kagame pondering who to kill next
Its now coming to four weeks since Dictator Paul Kagame went into hiding and has not even shown his face since last year.The Rwanda autocratic regime being one that feeds and lives on the genocide industry, has been planning a new scheme to launch a market for criminal Paul Kagame’s genocide narrative of 1994 against the Tutsi.
We remember him not attending an East African community summit on the pretext that he was very busy preparing for a grandiose remembrance of the Tutsi genocide. But its been two days after its launch -Its astonishing and amusing that he wasn’t present to launch it, because he knows that its a fraudulent scheme, and only supported by a few individuals with the tools of oppression to make it seem like its supported by the nation.
Dictator Paul Kagame resting after killing
However, the new scheme is meant to act as a cover-up for the real issues affecting Rwanda and the region, like the Congo and Hutu genocides, endemic corruption,unemployment, mismanagement, discrimination, diplomatic isolation, state terror in the region, etc.
paul kagame
The reality of Rwanda genocide is known to most people-as Paul Kagame personally played a big role at committing it. Its not a secret that more Hutus were killed by Paul Kagame’s rebels before the 100 days of 1994 when hundreds of Tutsi were slain by interehamwe, Paul Kagame’s DMI was part and parcel, and also held leadership positions among the Interahamwe. By criminal Paul Kagame continuing to use genocide as a tool for governance and manipulation-the hindrance to the unity and reconciliation of Banyarwanda will never take place as long as  the truth is not acknowledged and Justice served to all parties involved.Thus, we will continue to have a stage managed political propaganda circus who’s intention is to Cover-up Paul Kagame’s war crime and also take an entire people hostages.
paul kagame
Criminal Paul Kagame can’t claim to be pro-Tutsi(Messiah) or even Banyarwanda, while he hunts down their Children,Fathers,Brothers,Daughters,Sisters,Mothers, Friends,etc. around the world  and Murdering them in cold blood. How pathetic, is it about the love for them or just the love for just killing!!
Tell us, Criminal Paul Kagame, how are Banyarwanda in Byumba,Ruhengeri,Gisenyi,Kibeho,etc. going to do,remember only Tutsi and leave out Hutu and Twa?
We don’t have to go into details as the facts are already in the public domain.
According to our Peeping Tom,the reason why Criminal Paul Kagame has been absent from the Rwanda public, is due to his new night routine. He spends the whole day sleeping, after spending nights visiting various safe houses(illegal detentions) to participate in interrogating and torturing detainees.
Dictator Paul Kagame chills after a days work in a detention centre
There’s high tension among Rwanda defence forces as many soldiers have been arrested and killed. Its believed that over ten senior officers have been arrested and their condition is between life and death. In-fact, the arresting has also affected Kagame’s own presidential guard to the extent that he’s now being guarded by about 340 heavily armed soldiers.
paul kagame
The intelligence services is also in shambles as many arrests have also taken place to the extent were its entire leadership has gone missing. The tension in Rwanda could erupt into something big like a mutiny. The mistrust among Rwanda Defence Forces, is at its highest-since its formation. Its believed that the force is divided into three groups and its also understood that some of them are already taking orders from individual commanders that are anti-Kigali.
Dictator Paul Kagame very tired after killing and torturing Innocent people
The next few weeks could be crucial  for Dictator Paul Kagame as some Battalions seem to be already independent from the main force. However, with the mistrust in the air- its taking long to get the proper picture.
paul kagame
Our Peeping Tom has confirmed that in the last four days, the international community has been dealing with Paul Kagame’s double-call it impersonator and not the real man.
We shall try our best to keep you updated.

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