Sunday, 2 September 2012

Angola as a Future Tourist Destination

On the surface Angola might seem like a war-zone with lots of street killings, rapes, murder, drug trafficking, etc. , but not. Angola is one of the safest countries in the world, they've had wars, violence, etc. in the past and have learnt that there's something better than that. Today Angola is very desperate to become better than Brazil-it wants to prove something that you and me might never understand.

However, urban poverty is still a reality in Angola and not having a descent accommodation remains a thorn in a good number of Angolans.
Angola joined the group of 20 countries committed to combat urban poverty, that will meet later this year in Morocco.

The urban forum will be a learning curve for the program in place that is set to guarantee, 32 000 Angolan families with  modern homes- under this program, the government is to construct 200 dwelling in each municipality by 2014.

Tourism is also another sector that has to be developed as Angola is a sleeping giant for future destination. To achieve this, Angola will need to sort out corruption, accommodation, conservation of green belts.

By introducing Eco friendly energy such as,Solar powered stoves, solar lamps, solar gadgets, etc. to reduce environment degradation this will be the way forward as there's no permanent oil-oil runs out.

As I write this post, the prices of hotel rooms have also dropped as compared to three 3years ago when Hotel rooms were the most expensive in the world.

The fight on corruption should be taken seriously as its counter-productive to the development of Angola- Airport officials are one of the most corrupt in Angola. By Educating the population about the impact of corruption on the development and confidence of in-ward investment, should not be done by party officials but by an independent body that has respect for both civil society and the people-Army-Police respectively.

Next-time I'll write a lengthy report on  what to see, where to go, etc.

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