Saturday, 27 October 2012

Congolese Art;Manga

In my previous post of creating-designing a Congolese Comic, I've experimented with different blend of character design and ended up with a Manga. Though the purpose was to create characters for a comic strip, I think I might as well get more adventurous and come up with an animation comic and manga genre. I know manga might sound Japanese, but Manga is [for] cartoon in Japanese language.
This monster represents the evil of Paul Kagame's genocidal militia in Congo

A well designed character will be very interesting to animate and also create some realism to the viewer. Can you imagine if one of these characters was doing Malewa or Lopelle, it would be amazing. I'm also going to use English to reach a wider audience as Lingala and french won't server the purpose of the project-that of marketing Congolese art and Congo.

As I've mentioned before, these characters are not the final product but a design concept of future characters that are in production. I would love to work with a Congolese musicians to design for them a 3D music video. I think it will be a great collaboration.
Next-time I'll concentrate on props like environment,city, cars etc.

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