Wednesday, 24 May 2017

A new Chapter of Congolese Art

Its been a while since I posted any art on this blog, but that is about to change. The next chapter of Congolese art  has been opened-this new art is going to be very deep(sick) and hopefully it will inspire many Congolese and Africans. We should not allow the mainstream media and their imperialistic puppets intimidate us.

Its true, Banana beach does exists in western Congo, and it will future a lot in this chapter of art
Its very hard to separate Congolese from comedy-its the humour that unites Congolese
These two activists will also future a lot, as they have something to tell the world..
The scene has been set and the two activists will be officially launched in an animation film..
Its been six months since President Joseph Kabila officially ended as a constitutional president of Congo RDC, but he still squats in the Congolese State house. Because of his selfish actions, many people have lost their lives.

The problem with Congo RDC today, is that everyone wants to be the president but lacks the patriotism towards their country.

The instability in Congo is mainly fuelled by the notorious regimes of Uganda and Rwanda. As long as those two western puppets are still around, Congo will continue to bleed.
The world knows that a genocide took place in Congo and the perpetrators are known, but justice has been too slow because of imperialism interests.
The drums for justice will continue to sound till our last breath...
Not even fire will be able to burn the truth of what happened in Congo. The death of 6 Million people is not something that the Congolese people can easily forget,

This New chapter of art has just begun....let us tell our own story without the fear of imperialistic forces and their puppets.

To be continued...

Joram Jojo

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