Saturday, 17 October 2015

How The Rwanda Dictator Spies You on Facebook

Sometimes Activists from the Great Lakes Region of African get surprised when they learn that the criminal regime of Rwanda spies on them. What we want to assure them is never to worry as fighting dictatorships has never been a criminal offense but a justified cause and a right, that they should continue to carry out with pride.

Little fucks like criminal Paul Kagame of Rwanda, tend to be very nosy-always snooping in people's business. However, their rounds of snoops tend to leave them more disturbed and their little egos wounded- after finding out that all-along, the public knows all their gruesome secrets that they've been concealing from them, using the most expensive PR firms(professional liars).
The best medicine for little dirty dictators, is to publish whatever you want them to know, to were they can read it and even get more pissed off. When their lackeys abuse you and call you all sorts of names, just know that you've done a good job.
The Cardership of Rwanda autocracy, has been rewarded with large sums of money to execute criminal Paul kagame's life-Presidency project. 

To be continued

Joram Jojo

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