Thursday, 8 October 2015

Paul Kagame is a Curse created by Imperialism

When the Western powers unconditionaly cheers Criminal Paul Kagame as their own and turning a blind eye for his trail of massacres he has carried from; Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, and Burundi, then one is left to ask what is it that the west is after??

Very simple, Money....Money,,,and Money, as imperialism has no shame to participate in orgies of pillage and massacres using a little fuck like Criminal Paul Kagame The global military agrarian elites have mastered the art of conditioning totalitarianism in third world countries. Thus, they have a fetish for African dictators. ie. Congo has never been beaten in battle, but stabbed in the back. That's why they're preparing Criminal Paul kagame for a final massacre of Congolese on the pretext of hunting down Rwandan refugees, aka FDLR.
We know that today, a battalion of Rwanda Defence forces are in the final stages of being clandestinely moved to Rutshuru with the blessing of Joseph Kabila.

To be Continued....

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