Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Black People Still Short-changed at the Olympics

What most black people don't know is that, the Olympiads are not as equal as they've been made to believe.
Think of it, how many medals have black people won while seated down? Of-course non!  The only medals we've won is when running-away. I know you might be thinking that I'm playing White VS Black, but very wrong, because in Cuba with its minimal resources, they've performed well at the Olympics.

Think of  the way sports development is promoted in 3rd world countries by the so called development partner-its like Human rights-not all countries are equal. The reason you see Jamaica performing well, is because of what their development partners have put in place.
Most of the sport[s] that have won medal at the London games, in reality they're more like exclusive clubs that still have a problem with black people.
I f you think I'm paranoid, try and check out the South African Olympiads..hardly a rainbow nation.. in fact, development partners rather pump money in cycling,boating and horse riding because they're mostly white-friendly-eh, people want to seat down.
I was surprised that Namibia has fallen into the trap of promoting seated sportsmanship-Angola has a promising future....

The main problem of poor representation at the Olympics is down to the Olympics' organs in our countries that  have become more parasitic - they are the source of all problems-they're the most unpatriotic, very corrupt and a disgrace! I felt like crying when some countries had 2 Olympiads and 8 parasites(officials) on their team.
We can all learn from  the Cuban spirit of Patriotism-its not what development partners can do for you, but how you can use your imagination-eh, black people too, can win medals while seated down.

However, its not the number of medals won, but the participation-Olympiad is the glory and not the medals.
I'm told that the first Olympiads would run a marathon while naked-We are very proud of you guys-Thank-you for your entertainment, Well-done!!!

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