Saturday, 11 August 2012

African Comics

Many African children love reading Comics-and most comics tend to have Heroes and Heroines that inspire in one way-or another. However, the comics and stories are never written for the African audience, which I don't blame because its not Africans that write them.

I intend to break that deficit and come up with a Comic based on an African perspective.The Comic will be Congolese and as it develops, it will cross borders and future the entire Africa. To be fair to myself, the comic strip will be called Kinwa (Kinois)

Congolese-born Bienvenu Mbutu Mondondo holds a "Tintin in Congo" comic book ahead of a hearing at the Palace of Justice in Brussels . The hearing is part of a long-running case in which Mondondo hopes to have the comic book banned in Belgium because of the way it portrays Africans.

These aren't the finished product, I'm just experimenting with the design to get the perfect character-hopefully the finished product should be out soon.
I do welcome ideas and criticism-this is very important for me to improve.

Model Concept of the set-I'm redesigning the area around Avenue Kasa-Vubu and Avenue Pierre Mulele in Kinshasa.

The idea is to create a set that we could use for both Computer gaming and Music videos-All the roads are designed to measure-though the buildings are [a] new design, they are placed in the right place that had buildings before. Fingers-crossed!!
Perspective of Avenue Pierre Mulele

To make this experiment more interesting, a great deal will be focused on character design.

Watch out for new faces, they've got character in them going on!!

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