Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Congo Perspective: The Good and the Bad

The Democratic Republic of Congo is not all about negative stories, we do also have many good things happening in the lives of ordinary folks.I thought it would be a good idea to future the good and the bad of yesterday-I'll try to mix it up so that  the good dominates the bad.

Sometimes you wonder, what really happened to respect??

 This Rwandan terrorist, is the worst scum ever walked the face of the earth-his victims call him the terminator. Yes Criminal Bosco Ntaganda, Murders, Rapes, Robs, boasts, etc. in the democratic Republic of Congo.

Bless our Congolese acrobats, we have to support all the talent in DRC that has been neglected for dokey-years,as politicians suck big-time!!

Its terrible having a bad neighbor(Rwanda) that never cares about the most vulnerable members of our society-mother were made homeless by Paul Kagame's terrorism

 Joseph Kabila's sister loves  behaving like she works in Hollywood-sorry, I meant  Gombe studios!

Instead of arresting the youth, the police should be arresting illegal immigrants from Rwanda

 Sometimes its unbelievable when you come across a pile of money that is as good- as worthless.

It seems Congo is leading the world  at running paperless classrooms

 What exactly does Rais Kabila do? I have no clue-some say he's the president, while others say he's the first ambassador of Rwanda to the DRC. If I was him, I would prove everyone wrong and do the right thing by issuing an international arrest-warrant for Paul kagame.

The police hates Paparazzi-sometimes I blame photo journalist that take Kamikaze cameras to make the police jealousy-please, use a small camera that won't attract attention.

Congolese women are the most beautiful in the world-in both thin and thick, their love will always be undiminished.

 Great people have always known what sort of love awaits them in Congo-Muhammad Ali in Kinshasa

 Betrayed by Rwanda terrorists-just look at those terrorists in the background.
 What happened, I can't find my name?? I told Kagame to print my name on the ballot paper, but instead, I only see his name.

Politics....................is the worst game men play. We should quit politics and play Love!

Mobutu days................

Rais Joseph Kabila days...........................

 These are the forgotten members of our society-disability lack fundamental human rights in the DRC.

 Its all about fending for yourself...

Buying and bribing the youth to love politicians, just shows you what sort of low-life they're.

 M23 deserter

 M23 victims

 Joseph Kabila's girlfriend

What we all need in Congo is love and more love-we seem to spend more time doing politics that hates our people. If we continue doing politics and neglecting love, we shall all become extinct, because that's what the enemy wants-fight each-other while they burn down our country.

Let's all spread love and wipe evil from Congo

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