Thursday, 21 May 2015

Congo DRC Killings and the Invincible Commando

The UN Stabilisation Mission in the DRC (MONUSCO) Military spokesman Joseph Gonçalves, yesterday Wednesday, May 20, 2015, said that in the North Kivu the security climate is dominated in Beni territory by military pressure from the Congolese army and supported by the strength of MONUSCO against the Ugandan militias of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF),
The authored report during the period, is under review ( Thursday 14 to Tuesday, May 19) further abuses against civilians, but also the fight against the activism of other armed groups in different areas of the province. According to him- in Beni territory, the security situation remains fragile following the recurrence of systematic killings of civilians by suspected elements belonging to the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF).

Indeed, the peace-keepers consistent reports on  May 13, 2015, reported massacres with machetes of 22 civilians by suspected rebels of the Allied Democratic Forces  in the localities of Sabu, Makumbo (36 kilometers north of Beni) and Mapiki (37 kilometers north of Beni).
On the night of May 14 to 15, 2015, twelve (12) individuals were killed by suspected elements belonging to the Allied Democratic Forces , Pasisi in the region, located on the axis Beni Mangina, approximately 12 km to the Eastern Mangina.
"These  recent killings of civilians in the regions located on the outskirts of Beni center, caused great tension in the area and led to the influx of displaced people from surrounding villages to Beni," said Joseph Gonçalves.

In terms of balance, he said that two ADF rebels were recently killed in clashes with Congolese government forces, especially in the west of Mavivi, and 3 others captured. 1 AK-47 weapon was also recovered. "The strength of MONUSCO also in support to the FARDC deployed combat patrols in the area and other rapid intervention troops in the town of Mbau, near Beni, in order to prevent infiltrations of ADF elements in this town, "he insisted.

However Asked about the true identity of the perpetrators of these massacres, civilian spokesman MONUSCO, Felix Prosper Basse, clearly replied that the identification to date is not confirmed. "This is how we have always said, during our press conferences, 'alleged ADF'. But we are making efforts in order to know the perpetrators of these unspeakable massacres ... "he completed.

It should be noted that protests against the continuing violence on the civilian population in this territory, were also held in the Beni region. In solidarity and compassion, the political opposition also organised -yesterday Wednesday, May 20, a day of mourning in Goma, in memory of civilians killed since last October in Beni territory.

A packed church in downtown Goma, where locals gathered throughout the day. A large crowd of people not affiliated with political parties, came to pray at the burial site. "We want to express our compassion.
The Congolese people resisted against the M23 in 2012 and against Laurent Nkunda. We do not want the government to push us to yet another popular resistance, "explained the representative of the political opposition coalition in Goma.

Next time we reveal how Uganda and Rwanda regimes are behind the deadly massacres in Beni.

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