Friday, 20 March 2015

Building Conflict Resolution in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Representatives of Hunde communities Hutu and Tustsi chiefdom of Bashali in Masisi territory (North Kivu) pledged Friday, March 20 live peacefully. That at the end of an inter-community dialogue three days, held in Kitshanga, 80 km west of Goma (North Kivu). They even signed on it an act of commitment.

The Executive Secretary of the NGO Solidarity Action for Peace (ASP), Pierrot Muvhiri explained the meaning of this dialogue:
"Hunde, Hutu and Tutsi are committed to sensitize communities to dissociate themselves with the armed groups. These people have also decided to conduct mediation between major dealers and farmers around the concessions in conflict. "
The work of inter-community dialogue were organized with the aim of bringing communities to agree on the socio-security issues prevailing in chieftaincy Bashali.
In recent months, the various conflicts, often as origin, land management, punctuated the life of the people of this country.
In response, the provincial government has appointed a representative in Kitchanga to monitor the evolution of the situation.
This dialogue brought together over 70 people from all socio-political layers of Masisi was a first step in this process resolution of these conflicts in this part of North Kivu.

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