Saturday, 10 May 2014

Imperialism Part 1; How Mainstream Media Puts Africans down

Today, Africa is in a very big crisis that has been imposed and created by imperialistic forces, mainly USA,EU,China, and the Arab Gulf States. There's no single African state that is not under occupation by foreign forces and there's no progressive country that is under indirect rule of Western countries and their puppets.
The typical pattern of occupation has five pillars; Media,Ngos,dictators(partner),AFRICOM, and UN.

This will be a discussion that will be in several parts and over a long period-many of the issues are already known by most people but have not had the nerve to discuss them, nor question what the Fuck is going on??

The African beauty is a reality and not an illusion or an imposition, as for years I was one one those people that din't appreciate African beauty due to the false image that had been embedded in my psyche by the Imperialistic manipulative media. The addiction to sad stories from Africa that was being fed to me by Imperialistic media,consumed my mind to levels of depression
However,this did not affect me alone, as I came to learn that, many African men that live in the west have bought into that nonsense- a black woman can only be beautiful as long as she looks a spitting image of what the media fraternity has peddled, and that should be the benchmark, period.
But this self-denial was uprooted from me after attending several African carnivals,religious functions,weddings,etc. that's when I realised how all along, I had been misled and blinded by a subversive media that has an agenda of putting African people down, so that they can break their self confidence and keep them in a state of mental slavery and subjugation.
After waking-up from that deep slumber, I realised that the African woman was very beautiful,sexy,confident and fun.
However,the media poison has affected many of our sisters to the levels were they hate themselves for not looking like what society expects them to look-this poison has also trickled down to teenagers that assume one can only be beautiful  as long as they're of a light skin complexion and with a model type of figure.
What this means is that-the brainwashing of self hate has been achieved, and this has led to a good number of successful  Black men abandoning the black woman for a white woman.

What I'm trying to say here is the sort of ruthlessness that has been used to destroy Black people-as the media industry is the main culprit at putting down Black people, and this has also moved to the web...any search result on African people will be overall 80% showing hopeless people,10% western Ngo's careerists educating our people how to be human beings,5% western-African favored models,1% African beauty from an African perspective, etc.

The destruction of African people is very laughable as the entire human race happens to be genetically African. To try separating Africans using color as a benchmark is not only wrong, but also very backward and genocidal.

What merchants of African destruction have failed to realise, is the love for African heritage by mixed race children-their love for Africa is embedded in their DNA and psyche.

That's why its insulting for them when TV commercials, featuring a Black family on western media and certain African countries try to break them from their white and black race by presenting them as a black progressive family.
Wouldn't it be better to represent both heritages and not imposing a media agenda that might have a permanent  psychological effect on how they see themselves and perceive the world??
Its this kind of media manipulation that has led many African people confused of who they're and if they have a stake in contemporary society.
The endless begging of money from the public by western charities, that shamelessly use African children and women has become a daily routine on European TV stations.
However, its absurd when organisations that claim to be champions of African well-being, are indeed the ones that are champions of destroying the self esteem of the very people they claim to care for.
Today when you watch all the misery happening in Sudan,Central Africa,RDC,Somalia,etc. and you feel your heart  paining-the imperialists is busy popping champagne bottles, as an endless source of  tax free income(pot of money in Ngo vernacular) will start flowing like a she-cow gushing piss.
That's why its imperative for those that Love Africans, to play their part, and fight back and don't allow to be manipulated by the same media that has mercilessly destroyed the self-esteem of our people.
The reality will always be that imperialistic forces will never report anything positive about Africa, as subjugation and imperialism is what makes them look important.
The chronic imitation of western media by African upcoming journalism is also another form of mental slavery that needs eradication on the African continent.
When African people complain that they lack a media to market an African perspective, and when one crops-up, it tends to mirror imperialistic media, that has been badly filmed and presented.
The need for Africans to believe in themselves and act/produce original content for global audience, needs to be addressed today and not tomorrow.
Also the culture of writing, needs to be addressed as writing is not only an exclusive skill for the elite and imperialists, but a universal ability that can be acquired by all.
 That's why it becomes annoying when 95% of written reports and journalism about Africa, is done by Western Europe that have a hidden agenda-thus,the African story gets pillaged, and hanged upside down by imperialistic media. Why can't we have an opinion from Eastern Europe,Asia,South America and Independent Africans???
Today African has been battered by imperialistic forces with the help of House Negros and their compradors(local agents). If you didn't know, America is officially at war with Africa,the Chinese are finger fucking all our resources,the British are making candy for War criminals,the French are fucking Africa doggy style while hiding their faces,etc.......etc,
Now old bugs in the  American media Have learnt how to hide the Nigger word in phrases like OMG,Whateva,You Kidding me?

Its now easy for CIA not to create crack dealers in the neighborhood, but little religious fucks called; Boko Haram,Lords Resistance Army,Soldiers of god,Breakfast meetings,etc.

Next-time I'll look at the five pillars; Media,Ngos,dictator(partner),AFRICOM, and UN

Joram Jojo

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