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Paul Kagame's Wife to Become Rwanda Next President

Paul Kagame
The one thing that is killing politics around the world, is the disease of politicians parachuting their wives,children and relatives to the presidency. The concept of power belonging to the people, has now been turned into Power belongs to the family. The blatant disregard of the voice of the people and power hungry criminals imposing themselves on them, has never improved society, but impoverished it further. Yes, it’s understandable when a political system is based on constitutional monarchism, then the people can fully bless that transition of power as being part and parcel of their heritage.

jeannett KagameHowever, when a hardcore cold blooded criminal like Paul Kagame, decides to take Banyarwanda for fools by passing the baton of power to his wife, which she already has, then it becomes our birth right to resist that project.
The one thing we can read into this, is the intentional design to turn Rwanda Republic into a Mafioso monarchy-this will shield Criminal Paul Kagame from prosecution for crimes against humanity and state terrorism.
The way dictator Paul Kagame operates/functions, is by living within a small clique of like minded parasites and feeding on patronage. Thus, criminality becomes their ideology and religion, the rest of Banyarwanda are just mere collateral damage that can be disposed anytime, and anywhere.
During the Rwanda Patriotic Front war,while others were leading a heroic life at the front line, Dictator Paul Kagame was busy fornicating, embezzling funds, eating sausages and drinking yogurt (Ikivuguto). This always took place at Kisoro(south Western Uganda) in the home of General Kare Kayihura, the Uganda Police Supremo. Now the dictator has been fronted and credited by western gullible press as a courageous warrior that saved Tutsi people.As if courageous soldiers are found hiding in banana plantations by junior soldiers, shiting and pissing on themselves, while the rest are dodging bullets and firing back!
jeannett KagameOur highly placed sources within Dictator Paul kagame’s inner circle, has informed us that Dictator Paul Kagame is definitely living the presidency after 2016. But, he will take on two new roles; the First Man/Husband and supremo of Rwanda Defence Forces. The source then requested us to use our brains and work-out what that might mean??
jeannett KagameWhen a so called first lady starts attending highly sensitive security meetings, appointing ministers, representing ministers before foreign dignitaries,and also making public statements arrogantly-that she’s beyond a first lady- then you start questioning her role on the Rwanda political landscape??
However, we didn’t have to scratch our heads- as the writing was already on the wall, because she was already heading a security agency disguised as a charity-IMBUTO for helping orphans with HIV/AIDS. Basically, the charity is a criminal outfit that is used for intelligence gathering and money laundering. Though the charity on paper has an open recruitment policy,but the shortlisted candidates are normally of Burundi,Uganda,Rwanda,Tanzania,Congo Tutsi background, and always beautiful girls. So next-time when donating money to a presumed good cause, just know that you’re funding a security organisation called IMBUTO Foundation.
jeannett KagameThose female workers of IMBUTO foundation, are then given specific missions around Kigali,Bujumbura,Kampala,Kinshasa,Nairobi,Arusha,Dodoma,Dar essalam,Lusaka,Maputo,etc. mainly to go after expatriates and foreign military attaches by trapping them with their beauty. That is why former and most recent female workers within IMBUTO foundation are either married, dating foreign embassy workers or foreign NGO directors.
jeannett KagameThe one thing we want to inform our readers is that, the process of imposing Jeannett Nyiramongi Kagame on Banyarwanda as their next president has been in the works for over two years. That’s why her big head is always peddled by the mafia’s propagandists, Rwanda times and Chimpanzee reports(Uganda run)-soon they’ll be serializing a doctored biography of Jeannett Nyiramongi.Just like you and us, we doubt if they’ll ever inform the public how she runs Child sacrifice rings around the great lakes-she’s a hardcore worshiper of occultism.
jeannett KagameThe good thing with Banyarwanda, they’ll always talk- and spill all the secrets. What is amusing is that, Dictator Paul Kagame’s witch doctor once asked him to kill Jeannett Nyiramongi as she was a mere squatter in their home and was at no good. But as always, Witch doctors are there to make money and it so happened that it was Jeannett Nyiramongi that had introduced him to the family. Its believed that at one time,the Witch doctor requested her to bring the impossible, three heads of Blondie girls. We’re not sure what really happened and how it ended. But what we know, they’ve been trotting Nigeria and Mali looking for Witch doctors.
jeannett Kagame
In our next issue, we shall expose the Rwanda and Uganda Child sacrifice ring that Rwanda’s Next President Jeannett Nyiramongi Kagame has run over 10 years.
jeannett KagameAs we informed you earlier of how Jeannett Nyiramogi loves attention and publicity-that’s why her big head is always everywhere seeking the attention of the nearest camera. However,the photographers have never made her feel loved as all shots are strictly edited by Criminal Paul Kagame’s cleaners, aka editors.
jeannett KagameBut as the saying goes in Paparazzo world, always look after the bitch before pimps take advantage of her.
The readers of this blog unanimously voted to see a naked Jeannett Nyiramogi Kagame. However, the poll never asked what to see exactly and for that reason, a new poll has been published.

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