Saturday, 10 May 2014

Congolese Model of the Day

Its always good to feature upcoming talent on this blog, especially when she's Congolese. That's why every week we shall bring you the Bikini girl of the week. This being a new magazine, you'll have to forgive us for not thinking like you-having morals found in a box. We shall try our best to improve and also be balanced as we believe in fair play.

This weeks' Bikini model will be featuring in many projects on this blog, including a music video and interview. Think of this as a review of what is in store.

Don't miss our model in the official launch of her catalog and full interviews and chitchat.

Meanwhile, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, specifically in the city of Kinshasa, it has been noticed that many people have white skin. What is amazing, they are neither white nor black. But they metamorphosed using lightening cosmetics.
The aim of this practice is to be beautiful or handsome. Currently the city of Kinshasa has several cosmetic shops where beauty milks with hydrocodone or lightening soap are sold at a reasonable price.
However, the blame is on those glossy magazines that exploit the self confidence of African people by selling them a fake fantasy.-regardless of their harmful effects on health, the bleaching products are aggressively advertised in most black glossy magazines
Is it worth it to bleach your skin to white,when we all know, that black Is beautiful.

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