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How Paul Kagame Destroys Communities

The Congolese people woke up on Thursday 2nd Jan 2014 to look towards the new year, but were instead drowned in tears for the loss of their gallant Son,Colonel Mamadou N’Dala that was killed by criminal Paul Kagame’s assailants on Thursday, Jan. 2 in a cowardly ambush, disguised as Allied Democratic Forces(ADF) of Uganda. While they were grieving , they learnt that Rwandans too, were also grieving their own, Colonel Patrick Karegeya that was murdered by the same criminal, Paul Kagame. The crminal had presented a nightmare to the families and friends of both Colonels. thus, inflicting pain to people is when coward Kagame feels relevant.

However, grief should not be taken as a weakness, but a natural response to loss. It is the emotional suffering one feels when  someone they love is taken away.
This shared grief, just proves the natural bond between both communities. In fact, we haven’t come across  anyone that wasn’t touched with the death of both Colonels. According to the Seer, this could be the end of criminal Kagame’s comfort bed. Now to Criminal Kagame, you thought that you had ended something, but you were very wrong…,because you created ten of them! Those that were still doubting about your psychotic criminality, now believe what the voiceless have been saying all along. Think of it, can you imagine now the number of Tutsi that want you done?? Don’t even try to deceive yourself, Uwezo na Nia wanayo!
Paul Kagame
Before Killer Paul Kagame came on the scene, and took Congolese and Rwandans lives, our people lived in great harmony. We remember when People would visit friends/families in Gisenyi and return back  to Congo late in the night with no worry of any danger. But today, the thought of it, could result into being called a lunatic.
The reason that both communities lived together was because, they were taught from childhood that the word, together with love and dignity, is what makes  human beings. We weren’t taught how to fight. Well, yes, but only how to fight with words we had learnt. That’s why Congolese and Banyarwanda(not the Kagame-ists) are good at talking and have passed on this trait to generations.
Today, we teach our children that words don’t kill, but that yes- it is possible to kill words.We teach them that there are so many words like colors and that there are so many thoughts because within them is the world where words are born. That there are different thoughts and we should respect them.
That there are those who pretend their way of thinking should be the only way and they persecute, jail, and kill-always hidden behind the reasons of State security, illegitimate laws, or “ideology ” thoughts that are different from their own. And we teach them to speak the truth, that is to say, to speak with their hearts. Because the lie is another form of killing words.
We teach them to speak and also to listen. Because when people only talk and don’t listen, they end up thinking that what they say is the only thing that is worth anything. Speaking and listening to words is how we know who we are, where we come from, and where our steps are going. Also it’s how we know about others, their steps, and their world. Speaking and listening to words is like listening to life.
Paul Kagame
Its been now almost three weeks since criminal Paul Kagame went into hiding-should we say unjust absence. However, on Xmas day he tweeted to his worshipers that:
I am hoping all who wished us a Happy Christmas n New Year had theirs(Xmas)in peace n Happiness n I wish all the friends Prosperous New Year
The Autocratic criminal might have been absent from the Rwanda public, ie. his guilty face wasn’t seen in any publication, but that doesn’t mean he was sleeping.Then what was he up too?
Our peeping Tom managed to follow a very peculiar movement of criminal Paul Kagame’s Personal Bodyguard,Captain Tuyisenge between a house in Gikondo and kagame’s house in Muhazi  . However, our peeping Tom was left confused on 21st December 2013, when Captain Tuyisenge picked air tickets from the Union Trade Centre, Kigali.
Why our Peeping Tom was left confused, is the number of tickets- eight tickets.We know he left the country on 22nd December with three individuals. We’re still tracking the other tickets and who those three individuals are? As always, Our Paparazzo has promised us glossy pics.
Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame
We don’t want to go into deep speculation, as the region is infested with so many criminals, and are determined to Win the double-crossing championships.You guessed it, Criminal Kagame will win the Championships- that’s if he manages to finish the league; Criminal Yoweri Museveni might be relegated after scoring an own goal on a replay match  in Sudan….We understand Kikwete is now a coach and he wants to train Kabila. But Joseph Kabila has failed drug test many-times, you can understand why Congolese are always Booing him whenever he leaves the pitch. ENOUGH OF THAT!
Our Psychoanalysis managed to catch-up with criminal Kagame in Muhazi
How have you been of late?
Mmm…,The problem with life is that in the end it kills you, and that’s why I’m a strong advocate of nightmares.
How do you successfully manage to sell nightmares to the Great Lakes?
… but let’s get back to the Rwanda Patriotic Front(RPF). Its operation is very simple. It is self-sufficient or sustainable, as is sometimes  preached to Rwandans. It produces, yes, ridiculous profits… * Kagame punches the air*
What, Invest part of those profits to alleviate hunger, unemployment, and poverty?
But those shortages are exactly what makes RPF run! What do you think of that?
A political machine that produces the fuel it needs to run: misery and unemployment. Of course, it also produces goods, but not just that. Look: let’s say that something completely useless is produced, something that no one needs, something without a market. Well, RPF doesn’t just produce useless stuff, it also creates a market where that useless stuff is turned into a basic necessity.
The crisis in Rwanda?
Of course. Just press this button right here… no, not that one, that’s the assassination button… the other one… yes. OK, push that button and You have Lt Gen Fred Ibingira, Brig. Gen. Faustin Kalisa,Maj. Matungo,Col. Francis Mutiganda,Lt. Col. Francis Gakwerere, Lt. Col. Charles Shema, Col. Francis Mutiganda ! There you have the crisis you need, everything is right there, with your millions  dead, thousands displaced, your jails and cemeteries (for those who don’t believe in the project), your tax havens, your aid projects with buzz words like Umuganda and cameras included… of course, a little bit of charity always looks good.
But that’s not all, let me show you this demo. When you put it in  destruction/depopulation-reconstruction/restructuring” mode it performs miracles. Look at this example: do you see those hills? No, don’t worry about those Banyarwanda… yes, they’re useless, but they could be Banyamulenge, Bega, Banyinginya, Bagogwe, Bakiga, Banyombo, Batwa, Bahutu. OK, press the play button and watch how they die, now watch how Rwanda becomes a skeleton, wait… here come the vision and Goal! There you have your skulls  that you’ve always dreamed of, with its exclusive display and lists of fake names. Ah, it’s wonderful, don’t you think?
Tell us more about your latest gadget?
It comes with the latest software. You can click here were it says Propaganda and your TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube will only show Bill Clinton with Tony Blair and praise for you and yours. Yes, it eliminates any sort of commentary, writing, image, noise, all the nonsense that every now and then those anonymous, useless, sub-humans, poor, barking dogs that try to slip in.
 Ah, and with this toy you can be simultaneously in any part of the world, it’s as if you had your own exclusive global Cash machine.
Has it got software for a panic tunnel?
 I’m sure this isn’t a problem for useless people like you: a panic tunnel! Yes, you’ve seen how the useless Banyarwanda think they have the right to demand  their rights, can you imagine those ungreatful waste-of space??. Oh, but they have nothing to worry about. That’s why we have Ndi Umunyarwanda, Agaciro-Fund, Gusaba Imbabazi and a Senate with the biggest number of women in the world .But of course, that’s an assumption we have created to keep the donor milk and honey flowing.Of course, when it comes to security, no expense should be spared. Of course, let me write that down: “Include Panic tunnel.”
 We can use the police and military apparatus to prosecute and incarcerate real criminals, but these criminals are vital part of us. Instead we choose to chase, beat, detain, torture, imprison any useless people.
Have you been able to know what happened in south Africa?
Did those GĂ©nocidaires send you to ask me stupid questions? Stupid…,useless..,peasant.. never come back here! Swine!
*Kagame decides to end the interview and Pulls out a rope*
Today, we find ourselves in a very difficult situation. The Dictatorship is dressed in its true genocidal colors and  the entire Banyarwanda and Congolese communities  continue  to live in conditions of fear and hopelessness .
But in the world of psychotic tyranny like Paul Kagame’s, its like a roll-coaster. As one can go from a picture on the cover of  Times magazine  Man of the year to WANTED: DANGEROUS CRIMINAL
Our ideals are simple, and for that reason very large for all Banyarwanda; Democracy, Liberty, and Justice. It is about the same thing: the right to have a good government, the right to think and act with  freedom which does not imply the imprisonment and murder of others, the right to give and receive what is just.
Our cause we believe, is not only ours. It belongs to any honest Rwandan in any part of the world. And this is why, we aspire so that our voice can be heard in all the world and so that our struggle will be assumed by every Rwandan and Congolese. Our cause is not the cause of war, or the cause of destruction, or the cause of death. Our cause is that of peace, but peace with justice; it is the cause of construction, but with equity and reason; it is the cause of life, but with dignity, and always new and better.
when rebellion is individual it is pretty. But when it is collective and organised it is marvelous.

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