Sunday, 30 August 2015

Solidarity With Colombia FARC-EP Freedom Fighters, Part1

Today the consumers of information are not being encouraged to enjoy other sources of information by the so called mainstream media outlets, due to fear of people knowing the real truth, and busting their narrative of a distorted world.
In today's infinite pool of information, its the responsibility of activists to search from their usual comfort zone and look deeper the surface to find the real truth as you won't find it on the surface.

I've mentioned before that Colombia and the Great lakes of Africa, share a lot in common in terms of socio-politico, history,pain, culture,etc.
Both our regions are suffering from Para Military/ Militia menace that have an imperialism characteristic of murder and plunder. The American expansionism ideology is the one fueling endless sufferings of our people  in Colombia, Congo,Uganda,Sudan,Central Africa,Rwanda, etc.
In the imposed conflicts, we see that its mainly the indigenous communities, Women,Children,the Elderly and Youth that have suffered the most. Basically its been the most vulnerable in our society, that have been the main victims of imperialistic imposed war on the people.
Whenever courageous people stand up to defend themselves from Imperialism violence and their compradors(local agents), the so called world opinion is quick to dismiss them as terrorists. That's why imperialistic forces have created a distorted narrative by naming Colombian freedom fighters of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People's Army as terrorists.

Its like a small girl that defends herself from her attackers by biting them. However, the attackers won't acknowledge her courageous defense, but will accuser her of biting people. Why should innocent people bare the brunt of chronic violence by not putting up a fight and instead just put out their necks to be slaughtered like pigs??
The conflict in Colombia is among the oldest and nasty in the world and its not accidental that its taken that long- as imperialism see it as a business and not a catastrophe that has devastated thousands of communities. We need to look at the inequalities and injustices of Colombians as the main cause, to why FARC-EP decided to take up arms and fight a criminal and unjust criminal regime, and not what the oppressor's propaganda is forcing the world to believe., that its about fighting terrorism. Maybe, we should all agree that its the people fighting state terrorism.
When you interact with members of  the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People's Army, you' identify Intellectuals and courageous activists among their ranks. You'll find courageous women and girls fighting a long courageous Men and boys for their dignity and  that of Colombians at large. The marginalised poor peasant will proudly share the same trenches and daily chores with intellectuals.

In Part2, I introduce the Human face of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People's Army as I don't want to put off people with a very long text.

Joram Jojo

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