Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The Colombia Regime should Listen to Pope Francis and Colombians

The Colombian Revolutionary Forces of FARC-EP have proven to be the only party in Colombia that is interested in a Peaceful Colombia. However,that does not mean that militarily they can't fight or are weak to protect the people against state violence, as its a People's Army.

But the regime of Juan Manuel Santos, has not shown any interest at ending the conflict as it plays well in its propaganda narrative and incompetence. Just like the old saying goes, "War is good for business".
 In less than eight months, we've seen several high profile names calling for the Colombian regime to end the violence and declare a bilateral ceasefire, but the bombing and killings have not stopped. This past Sunday, another high profile name, Pope Francis also came out calling for the end of the war and build a peaceful Colombia.

The Holly Pontiff called on both the Colombia government of Juan Manuel Santos and the Colombian Revolutionary Forces of FARC-EP, to ensure that the nearly three years of peace talks in Cuba are successful and end their "long night" of war.

The Revolutionary Forces of Colombia, FARC-EP, have come under bombardment, in-spite of offering numerous ceasefires.

The Holly Pontiff continued:

"Please, we do not have the right to allow ourselves yet another failure on this path of peace and reconciliation," the Holly pontiff said in an address at the end of a Mass he celebrated in Havana's Revolution Square.
"May the blood shed by thousands of innocent people during long decades of armed conflict, united to that of the Lord Jesus Christ crucified, sustain all the efforts being made, including those on this beautiful island, to achieve definitive reconciliation," the Holly Pontiff Continued.

"Thus may the long night of pain and violence, with the support of all Colombians, become an unending day of concord, justice, fraternity and love, in respect for institutions and for national and international law, so that there may be lasting peace."
However, in-spite of FARC-EP guerrillas offering several unilateral ceasefires,the regime of Juan Manuel Santos seems to be addicted to violence, and arrogantly continues to Bomb the Colombian people. We think its high-time the world held to account the Colombian government for Killing innocent people and using violence against Colombians as its main ideology.

United Kingdom FARC-EP Solidarity Forum 

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