Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Democratic Republic of Congo, to Sign a £2 Billion Deal with United Kingdom

République démocratique du congo président a de grands projets cette année

The Democratic Republic of Congo is like a leopard that still sings the stories of its ancestors. The leopard is a very smart,courageous, and persevering animal, that rarely gives up its prey- regardless of the difficulties or conditions it might face, it never gives up.

Though the president has not been able to please everyone at the way he handled the armed conflicts in the country, but we should also commend him for his diplomacy and patience he showed, when Our Motherland was being bruised and humiliated by a dangerous criminal from Rwanda and Uganda.

République démocratique du congo président a de grands projets cette année

Thus,the leopard does not attack any prey while its in the mouth of another beast, but will fiercely defend that which is in its claws.

Rwanda Chronic War Monger

However much the aggressors pushed him to the limit, with no doubt, he showed his abilities of handling a complex situation by keeping calm and in a very civilised manner. In-spite of the endless ridicules from the enemies of Congo, President Joseph Kabila played his cards well and enable our armed forces to prevail with their heads raised high. 

République démocratique du congo président a de grands projets cette année
According to my sources, the President is to sign a £2 Billion deal with the British Government. 
The deal is said to involve; reconstruction of the education sector, hospitals, and new sport academies.
I think this is a great deal that will create Jobs in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and also start a new trade partnership. 

Its also understood that talks are going behind the scenes to see how Google could become a major player at developing the Technology sector.

I hope the semblance of peace that is slowly returning slowly in Eastern Congo is not sabotaged by its neighboring countries, as development and not wars is what the people deserve.

Next-time I'll discuss the development of this deal,as sometimes in the Democratic Republic of Congo, deals come and go with nothing achieved. I think this is the sort of development Congolese need to uplift their shattered spirits.

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