Tuesday, 22 August 2017

The Rwanda Elections were between Paul Kagame and Pilato

After declaring himself the only contestant of the greatest tournament,-the Rwanda presidential elections of 2017, Paul Kagame would not have imagined, that his nemesis- Pilato would challenge him. The Rwanda Elections were between Paul Kagame and Pilato!

The ground was all set for the mother of all battles-to make everything run fabulously, Image makers and regional political prostitutes were flown to the Singapore of Africa to do their thing. However, they would not have their way…as the  Modern Interahamwe, aka, Intore had already followed their North Korean Manual and everything would run chip chap..
The modern Interahamwe were very effective at executing their duties-by 2:00 am they would gather to be briefed by various commanders from different villages-this would be followed by individual oaths to Paul Kagame and battle chants…then at 3:00am they would move from door to door... making sure that the old,sick,disabled. etc are not left behind. The rounded up Banyarwanda populace, would then be led to a gazetted area-where they would be searched thoroughly before entrance.
According to small minds known locally in the region as Intore, or modern day Interahamwe, the fight between Paul Kagame and Pilato was the battle of all mothers. Really??
Paul Kagame tried some jabs, here and there, but Pilato kept moving forward like a spoilt monkey…
Pilato went down like an empty suck…
According to Rwanda rules, Pilato was declared the winner of the greatest battle-Paul Kagame has decided to Go to the African Union to Protest…Stay tuned!!

Joram Jojo

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