Monday, 28 July 2014

Paul Kagame Stop Killing Children

Starting from next month-August 2014, Congolese people will for the first time officially begin to remember the six million innocent people that Paul Kagame killed in cold blood. This is the right time for Congolese to officially remember their dead, just like its done in other countries-Remembering victims of genocide should not be a monopoly and exclusive to a few, but a human right for all.
The world should also support Congolese children to bring to justice those responsible for the heinous crime of Congo genocide.

This blog will lead that action for remembering Congolese victims of Genocide-unlike Criminal Paul Kagame, the Congolese people will not display their dead in public as a weapon of blackmail and soliciting donations, but we shall find a dignified way, to pay our respect as we believe that all the dead deserve a resting place and not a gallery.

No one will intimidate nor stop us from remembering our dead!!!

The remembrance will also include innocent Rwandan Hutus,Twas, and Tutsi that were murdered in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The lives of Congolese children that were murdered in cold blood by Killer Paul Kagame, should be remembered and never forgotten.

To be updated...

Joram Jojo

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