Saturday, 22 July 2017

Congolese Model of the Day, Alongi Neva

We tried to do something different with the beautiful Alongi Neva, she wanted a photo shoot around Kinshasa. We’ve known the lovely Alongi for years…and she’s the type of person that has loads of energy. It was great to hook-up again, since separating in Rutshuru,while running in different directions, escaping the Rwanda M23 terrorists. When we told her that, we’re scouting for a new type of Congolese model, she wanted to die with laughter, and suggested that we should instead become Congolese paparazzi.

Back in the days, we used to call her Champagne-because of a tight budget, we decided to take her to our underground studio. The energy from Alongi is always positive.

We decided to play….

Always have big respect for women in high heels, it takes skill and discipline to walk in them…
Not everyone is called champagne, you have to be with something special in you…
Sometimes in life,we can be down or up, but you have to come from down to make it in life..

Our Congolese model scouting is not only about beauty, but also talent ……
Always treat your friends like queens and Kings…Our space is still being built and we hope it will become the new creative joint for Congolese underground culture.

To be frank, Alongi loved the space and she’s been helping around with new ideas-she has a million plans to transform the space.  We’ve made her the boss on condition that, she lives the graffiti alone….
Next-time we take you to Bandundu Barber shop.

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