Monday, 13 January 2014

The Return Of Paul Kagame From the Dead

The Rwandan Chief Zombie, Paul Kagame woke up yesterday and as usual, was escorted by the Gikongoro witch, Jeanette Nyiramongi Kagame. The couple decided to go on a freaking tour to market their evil trade in a nearby church, and declared  that they had brought salvation for Mankind and  there was no shame to aggressively carry on with their ministry of a Rwandan apocalypse .The Zombie was very angry that Christians are not out there looking for people to kill. The freaked-out and scared Christian fundamentalist, that had gathered to pray, had no choice but to seat-like they were on a potty and listened to what the zombie wanted to preach.

Those that are fascinated with Zombies, the Paul Kagame Zombie did not disappoint. Whenever the Zombie sneezed, the gathered christian fundamentalists turned into wolves and coyotes. Then , the wolves and Coyotes …..cheered  vigorously whenever Zombie Paul Kagame said that its good to kill anyone, and they should never be ashamed of it. Wow, never underestimate the power of  the Zombie potent.

Like most descendants of the devil, zombies have mastered the art of twisting the word of God-Zombie Paul Kagame proudly said that, god prefers you to first love things he has given you like; guns,money,etc. and then later-you think of loving god. That also, god allows you to kill anyone, if they stand in your way.
But why is Zombie Paul Kagame aggressively attacking Rwandans? The answer to that is very simple-Zombies attack because of the fear their victims show and the smell of their blood. To be honest, Zombies are messed up in the head-they’re are cannibals and have a thirst for human flesh and reasonably so. Brains are very nutritious. Also, to the untrained tongue, human flesh tastes like pork.
What Rwandans should expect, is that Zombie Paul Kagame will definitely evolve from a nuisance to a plague that could have a devastating consequence to the entire region.
As we post this dispatch, Zombie Paul Kagame is meeting with his long-time sorcery priest, Yoweri museveni-on how to expand their ministry in the great lakes region. The two evils are holding a hypnosis workshop on police wolves from; Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, the Comoros, Djibouti, Eritrea, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Seychelles. Their theme we’re told is to Extradite asylum seekers before they acquire refugee status. Now you know which countries to avoid when escaping Zombie Paul Kagame.
The Paul Kagame Zombie has already scared  the hell-out of some Banyarwanda, and especially elders like David Himbara, etc. According to our Peeping Tom, David Himbara has been warning all  people of the world to stay under their beds as the Kagame Zombie ministry has taken on a different dimension. Ohh…, my god!
The only assurance we can give to Elder David Himbara, is that in-spite of Zombies being a nuisance to Mankind, they never live that long to enjoy the glory of their ministry. The Good always prevails against evil. Thus, Zombies can be defeated when the people operate autonomously at all levels. Yes, its very true, Political parties are full of Wolves and Coyotes that are on the payroll of Zombie Paul Kagame.
As expected, the Zombie pole dancer, Louise Mushikiwabo and the fat boy, Thomas Ndahiro, have been compiling  names of victims, with the help of party membership that have been infiltrated by Wolves and coyotes.
What we need at this stage is to have a common bank of information like leaflets,radio, legal resources, etc. But tactical operations should be autonomous- this builds, and natures a rich seed of resistance in individuals of which after it has germinated, is shared with other individuals with similar seeds and then later collectively planted into the masses for a spontaneous uprising. However, spontaneous uprisings should not be preached to the masses, it has to organically metamorphose. We will keep getting back to this subject.

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