Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Why Jeannette Kagame has Seperated

On this planet we have two types of people; those that don’t have anything or even consumed by worldly materialism, but very happy, and contended with the little they have. Then we have those who have almost everything, and even excess that if they wanted, they could share it with those that have nothing- for the rest of their life-time. However, this later group tends to be the most unhappy,selfish,greedy,arrogant,cruel,deceitful,paranoid,destructive,etc. That’s why we have the likes of Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame, always unhappy, grabbing everything she can lay her filthy hands on,changing sexual partners like lip stick, hyper-tension, sleepless,etc.

For a very long-time, we kept wondering about the cozy relationship between Jeannett Kagame and her Gigolo , Thomas Ndahiro- for having lasted that long. As she’s never been in a friendship with anyone for long.
The reason why that relationship had lasted that long, was due to the; endless waffling, gossiping,peeping, and of-course the love for eating too much.  Yes, he was a great match for her as he possessed all the qualities that reflects her character.
Some people are born lucky to the extent that, they can eat free food in Kigali without paying a dime, not saying that they’re  criminals….never!Why we support our claim of Thomas Ndahiro not being  a criminal, is the fact that its only him with a Kibali (vouchers) that permits him to eat free roasted( Brochette) pork and goat’s ears, free bread, Mandazi(East African doughnuts) & chapati, etc. in Rwanda. However he tried to use them in Uganda, and the No nonsense  Ugandans tore them to pieces, and tied him up with ropes. To the grace of God, a Rwandan businessman that frequented Car wash Mchomo joint in Kigali, happened to be in Uganda visiting relatives, saved him from public lynching.
The fall-out according to our peeping Tom, was caused by his chronic lies-you remember in our previous story see(Tom Ndahiro Gigolo Agency) when he promised Jeannette Nyiramongi to be featured in a South-African Magazine called Izimboro.
The fat Boy failed to see the deal through. However, our South African Sources have confirmed that,Thomas Ndahiro cannot  dare step his foot in south-Africa due to his past tricks within the Gay community. We promise to give you full details on this story in our investigation we’ve been carrying-out “Persecuted  Kigali Gay Prostitutes”  that will be out very soon.
However, the two are still  amicably working together in other areas-its not that they fell out completely,but one realised that her modeling career could take off with people that understand the industry and have big-time contacts within the sleazy world. As you’ll come  to learn in our future publication- how sleazy and dirty, Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame can be. Its like an addiction to her.
That’s when we come in-if you want, you can say that from now on, we own her and she will receive all the attention she has been missing.
What we did was to ask her to send us some of her old pics, so we can understand what we’re going to work with. At first we thought that, she was fooling us, but to our surprise, within 3 hrs, she delivered them herself. Now, that’s what we call efficiency. We can proudly inform all Banyarwanda and Congolese, that you’ll see her many-times doing charity work for us.
We all agreed to use Nyiramongi Kagame as her working Name, because it sounds wild and exotic for the international market.
We would also like to give a wise piece of advice to Kagame’s Intore militia; Please we beg you, make sure DMI(Department of Military Intelligence) never finds out that you play with soap while looking at these pictures…because if Kagame ever finds out….he will cut off your ears, and other things-Please,be careful as he’s a very dangerous man.
We do have a feeling Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame will make all the Ntore Militia very happy. However, if you don’t send us any useful information, we shall instead feature Mushikiwabo only. We have been receiving many requests from people promising us many things if we feature her sloppy buttocks regularly.
The only problem with Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame so far, she takes too long to understand anything written on paper,and she’s always spitting and farting. However, she’s a very dedicated model- when it comes to bending and making love to the camera, she can be very enthusiastic.
Next time, We want to surprise everyone, as our location is very special and will be dedicated to all junior officers of Rwanda Defence Forces. Yes, we know what the government is paying you is not enough, and sometimes your salaries take very long to be released.

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