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Why Paul Kagame is Useless

We would like to take this moment to apologise to readers of this blog for having been absent for a while. The main reason was not fear or abandoning the cause, but a feasibility study and observation of the dictatorship and the region. The way we observed the mindset of Criminal Paul kagame, several observations were made, and today we shall analyse one of them

What we discovered was that, criminal Paul Kagame has five active parts of the brain:
  • Criminal
  • Inferiority Complex
  • Greed
  • Obsessiveness
  • Fear and Cowardly
Paul kagame
Today we shall discuss the looseness of his brain that happens to be the criminal part-due to its characteristic of expanding like a bubble, it tends to trigger other parts .We promise to discuss the rest extensively in our coming issues.
We found that, his criminal part of the brain was like a useless chewing gum that is toxic and a nuisance to society, as its fond of finding its way on everything and everywhere. The reason why we use this example of a useless chewing gum, is from the observation we’ve made over a number of years.
Paul kagame
Like a useless chewing gum, Dictator Paul kagame has no shame at betraying anyone. When you buy chewing gum, most of the time its all packaged nice and appealing. Just like criminal Paul Kagame, the first time you meet him, he comes across as innocent and with an out going personality.But after a while, you come to realise that your assumption of him was very wrong,and his a hardcore violent criminal.
The main reason why one would want to put a chewing gum in their mouth, is to clear the bad smell, and not feel guilty that they smell and stink. Thus, anyone you see praising and worshiping Criminal Paul Kagame and putting him in their mouths like some sort of chewing gum, are guilty of; tax evasion,money laundering,war crimes,extortion,plundering Congo,child abuse,rape, child sacrifice,devil worshiping and running religious cults,etc.
Now you can understand why Criminal Paul Kagame is loved and worshiped by regional and international criminals. Thus,by hanging around an African Mafioso boss, and fronting him to the unsuspecting public as a visionary,Messiah,buddy,mate,comrade, sophisticated, Rwanda magician…you can always add more here. This makes them feel relaxed from any guilt that they might be suffering from. Thus, the Banana republic autocrat, becomes a form of therapy.
Paul kagame
Over the years the glamour of Hollywood and the glamour of the underworld and organized crime have often crossed paths.
Gotti was a Mafia superstar in the 1980s, always elegantly dressed and not the least bit camera-shy. Throngs of admirers lined up in front of the Rav-enite Social Club just to get a glimpse. Andy Warhol painted Gotti’s picture for the cover of Time magazine.
History teaches us that crime bosses, Mafiosos, Mobsters, and Gangsters have always been celebrated in the west and their life stories became movies on our big screens, ie, The godfather,Carlito’s Way,etc.are one of the best selling movies. Now you can understand why criminal Paul Kagame is always around celebrities and his brats(off springs) hanging around the likes of spice girls-as not all children of Presidents and Kings/Queens hang around celebs. Ask yourself, a country that barely produces anything and depends on begging other nations, what else could people want from its leadership??
Paul kagame
We see them fronting criminal Paul kagame as a visionary leader and as the best thing to have ever emerged from the dark continent of Africa(Sorry, I’m not insulting you guys, but that’s what those fools claim). Thus,the support of murderous rebel groups in neighboring Congo DRC and the running of assassins around the world by Criminal Paul Kagame, is something they admire much. However, with numerous digital information platforms, the citizens of the world are able to research and creatively select the truth from the main sewers of lies that are run by his band of worshipers.
Paul kagame
That’s why like a useless chewing gum, Criminal Paul Kagame is a waste of space and Irrelevant to Banyarwanda;Yesterday,today,tomorrow, and forever!!!!!!!!!
After chewing and spitting out a useless gum that is now hurting your jaws and making you thirsty, if you’re not lucky, it will try to stick on your nose or chin or else, it finds its next victim it can stick on as long as its anything it will cling-on till its forcefully removed.
Paul kagame
When people decide to part company with Paul kagame due to his criminality,arrogance,cheapness,and violence,etc.  He will go to any means to stick on their chin,nose,clothes,business,friends,everything and everywhere. Thus, he becomes desperate and a public nuisance-just like a useless chewing gum that has been spat-out, he will always try to make his presence known on the pavements/floors/walls/seats, etc. that’s why some countries have put in place laws that protects the public and property from chewing gum nuisance. Today, some democratic countries are on the look out for Kagame’s nuisance.
Paul kagame
What we have residing in Rwanda and claiming to be their leader, is a cold blooded killer that is pathetically trotting the world to market himself as a product for a good cause and reason. Nonsense!
That’s why we have Rwanda Tax Payers jets being used as his personal property and picking useless foreign students around the world and flying them to Rwanda as pawns in a disinformation project-thus, they pour more salt on the wounds of Banyarwanda that have never healed.
Now you can understand why Universities associated with Paul kagame are not producing quality graduates that can be productive in the real world. Thus, no employer in this world, would want to give a job to a graduate that has had their field study in Paul Kagame’s Autocracy. As any descent and visionary company makes it one of its ethos to follow world events and tell facts from propaganda. Thus, they’re able to read between the lines- apart from Killing, plundering Congo and begging the international community for donations and grants, what else does Paul Kagame’s government know??
Paul kagame
It will amaze you how many times, Dictator Paul Kagame has spent with the Rwandan people doing and saying good things as compared to foreign countries.The only time we can remember him spending time with Banyarwanda, is when they’re being humiliated, threatened with death, verbally abused, and of-course murdered. That’s what foreign worshipers call visionary leadership-imagine a fool that sponges on Rwanda tax payers, and foreign donations in the name of Banyarwanda treating them like nothing.
Such a person deserves to be put chini ya urinzi and later before a firing squad-end of story. Really, for how long are members of RDF going to be cowards??
The last few months, Dictator Paul Kagame has been trying to make himself relevant to a clique of people around the world-we saw him waffling in Davos Switzerland, to a bunch of  elite crooks tacked away in a 3rd class workshop. Then there was the other gathering of village chiefs and governors in kenya  and the Cape Verde casino. Of-course, what Banyarwanda have failed to realise or even understand, is the benefit behind all those trips and praises.
The one thing people should understand is that- its not Rwanda benefiting, but criminal Paul Kagame. At no point will you ever hear the selected audience praising Banyarwanda and their hard-work, but what we keep hearing…its all about Paul Kagame this…Kagame that… Thus, they’re all swimming in criminal Paul Kagame’s cesspool of feces and plotting how to enslave Banyarwanda.
The failure for Rwanda leadership to put its people first- is not accidental, but a design and deep belief in inferiority complex. The rogue band of Kagame worshipers tend to ask him, how he has managed to perform his invisible miracles?? Really, if Rwanda had its own home grown solutions, then why would a poor country that relies on begging other nations, spend a fortune on foreign public relations crooks- to clean Paul Kagame’s vices that are known by even the youngest child in Congo and Rwanda??
Does spending $16,000 a night on a hotel room in New York by Paul Kagame, mount to a Rwandan home grown solution on accommodation?
Has any of those people singing the Paul Kagame’s miracle bothered to research and read about the economic indicators. ie. income par capita of Rwandans between 1980-1990, access to social services,social harmony,etc. if Yes, then why is Rwanda state today, the biggest beggar on the African continent??
Paul kagame
The problem here is the meddling of foreign crooks in the misfortune of Rwanda-if Banyarwanda themselves in the country are living in abject poverty and have no way out, then what authority has some punk seated and farting on sausages and doughnuts in a New York and London Plaza has to understand the plight of Banyarwanda- apart from being merchants of doom, what else have they done for humanity??
What is so pathetic about the lot, is their expertise in the Rwanda catastrophe. This being that time of the year when the scavenger feeds on the caucus of its victim, the Rwanda genocide has been turned into a golden goose that lays for them eggs every year. Just like they’ve managed to pile all bones of dead Banyarwanda into one ethnicity propaganda web-mainly Tutsi and denied them a descent burial, the dead are now a commercial product that can be used to solicit for funds to run fundraising scums,propaganda conferences and seminars in different parts of the world, while the families of the dead are left in endless grief and poverty. Meanwhile the Hutus,Twa and mixed ethnicity have been condemned to their last generation, and are not supposed to grieve for their loved ones. Really, what sort of people profit from the dead???
The sickening bit is when some CEO of a multinational company becomes the moral authority on the plight of Banyarwanda and distorts the facts of what really happened.
The arrangement of the so called top global business people to invite a well known killer to Davos Switzerland,has nothing to do with empowering Banyarwanda, but to give relevance to criminal Paul Kagame and his associates. One could even wonder how Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks interest in Paul Kagame is Rwanda’s benefit-very wrong. But a personal business arrangement that involves cheap labor and of-course tax evasion using Ninja accounting in the name of empowering Banyarwanda.
But what those buddies of Criminal Kagame are doing, is run away from their responsibility in their countries,that has led 99% of the world to live in misery;homelessness,unemployment,abuse,dis-empowerment,etc. They just don’t care about humanity, as they can always meet in Davos and have a laugh at their victims. Now you can understand why young people always turn off their TV sets when the likes of Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, etc.show their guilty faces.
The only relevance that Criminal Paul Kagame might be hallucinating of to the international community, is the use of Banyarwanda in UN peace keeping missions. However,the work being done is under the intentional arrangement and not Criminal Paul Kagame’s personal project or personal business. If the criminal died today, it would not mean the end of the UN mandate of using Rwanda peace keepers.
Today the pressing issue mostly troubling those service women and men, is fair pay. What we seem to have in place, is a form of modern day slave labor.
Though their money-salaries is meant to be payed to their bank accounts-and on time,their hard earned money is fleeced away and stolen by Paul kagame’s associates.Can you really imagine how heartless some people can be towards their fellow Banyarwanda!!
By the time the pay is received by the soldiers and their families, instead of receiving $800 per month on their Bank accounts,they’re only paid $60 and sometimes they can spend 8 months with nothing.
While criminal Paul Kagame’s mafia is busy stealing the soldiers money and paying for foreign trips,eating Nyama choma, paying for prostitutes,building mansions,etc. the poor soldiers are left in a state of misery, permanent debts and desperation. In fact, you’ll find many of them begging for cigarettes from Wanainchi and relatives.
This has become very normal-Yani, Majeshi wanatombwa katika mukunduni!
The strategy to always allow Banyarwanda to kupakasa (slave) for UN, does not benefit the country and Banyarwanda as a whole, but a clique of Paul Kagame. This heartless attitude towards the soldiers of Rwanda Defence Forces that are putting their lives on the line, year-in and year-out to help and serve other people, should be fought by any means necessary. Lazima tutajekombowa!
Though an order is an order, but the order should  be fair, dignified and also carry its rewards- because soldiers are like any worker and citizen-they also have needs and families, just like the rest of Banyarwanda. Those Bipingamizi hiding behind RPF that are not paying Rwanda soldiers and stealing their money, one day you’ll pay with a very high price!!
Thus, Paul Kagame has become irrelevant in Rwanda, and instead has turned into a full-time parasite that feeds on the dead and misery of Banyarwanda. Like any parasite, it will never stop till its stopped by courageous Patriots.
Next time we shall discuss his cowardice and fear

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