Saturday, 26 July 2014

Uganda,Yoweri Museveni Should be Toppled: Part1

Every month Criminal Yoweri Museveni announces a new priority for his bottle-necked regime.However,the public priority bottle has never reached the neck as regime pigs have to be fed first.
The way Uganda is run is more less like a cow's tit, were all little pricks can suck it and if the milk stops flowing due to fatigue, they just pierce it to let mill gush out.
Its only in Uganda where teachers,nurses,doctors and the youth are not considered a priority. its very painful after 30 years of Museveni's dictatorship, no single hospital has enough drags and beds, but what we have are dilapidated wards with patients sleeping on the floor. The nurses have no accommodation and facilitation to enable them to do their work.

 Instead of waiting for Dictator Museveni's bottleneck fantasy, it should be our priority to send him packing. The people of Uganda deserve better and not some western imposed corrupt despot on them that has no care for Ugandans, but himself and family.

The disregard for social and public infrastructure development in Uganda is due to a culture of incompetence,greed,self-importance,corruption,mental slavery and liberal-bourgeois ideology among the Uganda elite class. Their self-importance makes them feel like its only them and their relatives that should be fed,housed,transported,entertained by Uganda tax payers. Thus, they don't give a toss if hospitals ,schools,roads,etc are in a sorry state..

The entire political system suck-big time as politics in Uganda has been turned into a means to a parasitic life-style on society.

If failed states had levels, Yoweri Museveni's Uganda would be down the sewers-nothing works and all infrastructures are rotten.
What hurts most, is reading and listening to the same nonsense in the Uganda press that is peddle to the masses as some great vision for them.

Joram Jojo

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