Sunday, 10 August 2014

Tanzania Comics

This Tanzanian comics concept is still in development and was inspired by Mkasi a Tanzanian up coming Media Production, and Struggling local talents in Mtwara and Lindi. I hope to blend it with Bongo flavor and Taraab Music.

The one thing I've observed with Tanzania, is the raw talent in abundance. I could say many Tanzanians are very artistic in different ways. 
However, that talent is not being supported by the state as a resource for the nation.
This is causing a culture of confusion and loss among the youth-thus, everyone wants to be a Sharobaro(American wannabe)
Maybe some people have a different definition :
A Sharobaro, is a young man who heavily relies on their mother or their girlfriend or even possibly their grandmother. A sharobaro also dresses in westernised clothes and is obsessed with Western culture ...he does not work and cares far too much about his appearance and is quite feminine too. Khadija Kopa
The Tanzanian blend of Hip Hop called Bongo flavor, was very unique and powerful. One wonders what went wrong to cause its demise. Maybe, one can attribute the demise of Bongo flavor to lack of funding from the state and aggressive marketing of western music on Tanzanian radio stations.
I do get upset/disappointed when I decide to listen to some good Tanzanian radio to relax and also catch-up with local artists(Na Sharobaro zangu), and then the DJ, maybe after realising that many listeners are streaming from abroad, He/She switches to playing American music mainly by Mega stars. 
Maybe what many Tanzanian radio stations don't realise is that, when people in diaspora tune-in, they are more interested in local talent. They're running away from the likes of Rihanna..etc.

I think this is were radio DJs are not doing their bit to promote Tanzanian Talent.
I think the state should support the team of EPIQ Bongo Star Search to do more than just mere auditions once a year, as what they're doing is very fantastic.
 This project will also blend in social issues that affect our region, such as conflict resolution and  politics.
I hope to collaborate with Tanzanians to promote local talent-its a Jihad that we must all do!

Joram jojo

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