Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Understanding Uganda and Rwanda Criminal Regimes.

The Uganda political class is very responsible for the bad neighborly culture that has ended into wars being waged against its neighbors.The wars that have been waged on Tanzania,Rwanda,Congo,Sudan,Central Africa,Somalia and Kenya,  that have left millions dead, was by design and not accidental.

The reason for this chronic war mongering is due to hereditary politics-its always the same class of backward and violent politicians that have been running Uganda since the 1960's to the present day. Their culture of violence has been exported to peaceful countries and the result was catastrophic.
When you look at Rwanda today, the system is a transplant of Uganda violence,subjugation,arrogance,corruption,human rights abuses and mental backwardness, seem to be their main brands.
The reason why this has happened and has continued unabated, is due to the lack of check and balances from its neighbors. Lethal regimes like the one in Rwanda and Uganda need to be monitored 24/7. We have to analyse and understand their propaganda tools. Waiting for them to cross our borders and commit murder,rapes,plunder and genocide, should be a thing of the past. Its our collective responsibility to resist their chronic criminality wherever we find it.
The citizens of the region need to be more vigilante and don't let little fucks from Uganda and Rwanda, plus their foreign surrogates,commit crimes against our people.
Today when you look around the region, most of the crappy blogs and news outlets are almost run by state operative and fake human rights activists on the payroll of Uganda and Rwanda criminal regimes. Their main objective is to peddle a backward mindset using their militarist and twisted narrow view of society. The use of PR and lobbyists machines to cleanse their criminality, makes them feel like they also belong to the civilised world.
The culture of wannabes and greed is at the core of both regimes-they'll try their best to bribe their way into anything regardless of their lack of expertise-typical nigger mentality of driving the most expensive car, but with no food on the table and house to live in.
However, the young generation in both countries need to be supported to liberate themselves from hereditary ignorance and state parasites. Its time for the youth to challenge the backward mentality and claim their future from hereditary landlords.
The old generation carries a time-warp baggage of  not understanding that, the world has moved on and the Youth in Tanzania,Congo,Uganda,Kenya,Rwanda,Burundi,Sudan,etc. have a similar perspective of the world view.

The lack of a genuine and viable political ideology in Uganda, has enabled hereditary politics to thrive...buying voters and allegiances is the norm. The worry is that this disease could spread to Tanzania,Congo,etc. as Africans have mastered the Art of copying other people.
The task to stop the Uganda and Rwanda menace from spreading further, will be to understand and identify the youth with revolutionary seeds so that we can help them. The mindset of their politicians and other little fucks in government, should  also become our concern and interest.
Next time I'll  discuss how Paul Kagame is planning to kill Tanzanian top celebs like Madam Rita,Master J, etc, so Wanainchi can turn against their government.

joram jojo

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