Sunday, 12 January 2014

Why Louise Mushikiwabo is Not Good

Louise Mushikiwabo is a foreign minister with no diplomatic instincts and deep understanding of Rwanda history.In short,she’s a career prostitute that has been able to corrupt brainless criminals, that she’s an authority of Rwandan History.To even make matters worse,she claims-should we say,markets herself as a powerful advocate of rights for the empowerment of women and gender equality in the great lakes of Africa. Again very wrong, unless when it involves the fraudulently claiming of money for ghost charitable causes, that’s when she remembers the empowerment of women.

Louise Mushikiwabo
This is a woman that has turned  the Rwandan Genocide of 1994 into a money making scheme, and being a very heartless bitch as she is, she has built her career on that misfortune.
You can understand why she’s a staunch apologist for Paul Kagame whenever the world questions his role in Congo genocide. She’s a direct beneficiary and when the time for justice comes, she should be in the dock for being part and parcel-especially for M23 crimes against humanity-the spinning and out-right denials were intentionally.Thus, she knew that women were being raped, children forced into the M23 militia out-fit, thousands displaced and killed, etc.
The poisonous words she spewed against the government of Tanzania, resulted into thousands of settled Banyarwanda being deported after living peacefully in Tanzania- Kagera region, for hundreds of years. Yes, she definitely will have to answer for her poison.
Those that don’t understand this woman, might think that we’re unfairly picking on her. But not, she’s a nasty piece of work, and in the interest of Rwandans and the region, its high-time we uncovered her.
Louise Mushikiwabo
But in her own words to United Nations Security Council,  New York, 12 FEBRUARY 2013  she said;
On accountability for crimes against civilians, I wish to emphasize four important principles. First, justice must be timely. Nearly two decades after the genocide in Rwanda, the international judicial process has yet to conclude. Second, rendering justice to victims should be the only objective of accountability mechanisms; political considerations should have no place. Justice cannot be selective, nor can it be for political expediency. Third, more careful attention should be paid to the principle of subsidiarity when choosing the most appropriate venue for judicial proceedings. Justice is best rendered at home. Fourth, and related to subsidiarity, the international community should increase investment in strengthening national judicial capacities.
Then recently, she ends up tweeting that her government has no sympathy for a slain former spy chief who had a falling out with the country’s president and who was killed in South Africa. What people should understand is that the very slain Colonel is the one who housed her when she had no where to stay in Rwanda, and she now owns his house.
Louise Mushikiwabo
Due to people saying that we write long pieces, we’ve decided to serialise them into small chunks.Next-time we discuss her sexual intercourse with four colonels,three Brigadiers and a 6 year steamy affair with the notorious Kibeho Butcher, Lt. Gen Fred Ibingira will make you cry. Also her three abortions that almost got her killed…
Louise Mushikiwabo
For example,she had sex many times next to a children play ground…

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