Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Yoweri Museveni Son's Gay boyfriend, Bribes the Police

While speaking before a Police Propaganda lecture at Makerere University on Tuesday, Andrew Mwenda supported traffic police officers taking  bribes from traffic offenders on the roads. Its very sad that a great country like Uganda has been brought down to its knees by spongers like Andrew Mwenda, to utter such nonsense to the youth of Uganda, is indeed very irresponsible and dangerous.
According to Andrew Mwenda, if a reckless driver runs down a pedestrian or breaks the law while on a public road, that was built with Uganda Tax payers monies and foreign loans payable by future generations-the crime should be turned into a reward ‘kitu kidogo’/Bribe for Traffic Police.

In a functioning society, such a mindset by a public figure, could result in the following;
  • Make them apologise to the nation
  • Burn them from appearing or talking to the public, apart from the court of law
  • Make them seek professional help i.e psychiatric counselling
  • Send them for community service
However, in a failed Society like Uganda, you’ll always have free-loaders such as Andrew Mwenda, defending every ill of that failed system because its that system that has made them professional parasites. They hate systems that function well- for the benefit of society and built through hard work.
  • Breaking the law because they can do it, is what raises their hollow egos
  • Buying favors and talking loud is what makes them feel important
  • Self seeking and chocking the truth is their life-line
In conclusion, one can say that Andrew Mwenda represents Yoweri Museveni’s failed system and that’s why he was invited by the police to convince students of Makerere University that breaking the law in no big deal as the system is there for abuse.

Joram Jojo

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