Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Uganda Revolutionary Class Part 1

In Our Uganda Social Struggles, we have three type of People, the consumer of Information,the User of Information and the creator of Information. Today, most Ugandans are consumers of information-they wake up and surf the web looking for what various news outlets have reported,etc. 

This group is very active at wanting to know... and making comments on various media, becomes almost an occupation. They tend to be living in a bubble of intelligentsia and stuck in the same time warp.
  • They Wake up and find out what people have written and commented, then answer all the comments using  Tonto and Mandazi ideology.
  • Facebook and Twitter platforms becomes their life-line of social networking,thus traditional human networking becomes tiresome, as they're suffering from computer Bytes exhaustion, and their Mantra becomes, " MWANA NkOYE" I want to chill!
  • They know how to talk loud in local boozers and regardless of their Mandazi brains, they have and must win all the arguments.
The problem with this group, they're everywhere and come across to serious revolutionary as useful. But Wapi, Nebikwangala/bandia(fake) afathali Zero is better, because you know its Zero-just keep away from them- they're the best cowards,greedy, and gossiping too much is in their DNA. If you want to waste another 20 years waiting for something to happen...then join them
The Way society reacts to information has changed very much,call it information fatigue,exhaustion, tiredness, languidness, languor, lassitude, and listlessness-people no longer enjoy reading long texts as they get confused...Uhh, that's how people are messed-up! 
For that reason, I'll serialise this topic. Next week, I'll introduce the second(2nd) user of information. This type is very important to any revolutionary process, be it executing or countering the revolution. 

 Damnnnnnnnn.... We're dead!
History teaches us that Short Revolutions have never empowered the people but a clique of individuals as we see in Uganda and Rwanda.

Joram Jojo

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