Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Uganda Democratic Party is being Led by Dictator Museveni's Spy

The intimidation and abusive language from Uganda Democratic Party(DP) squatter, Norbert Mao- qualifies  him to be denied the space of misleading Uganda democrats. His arrogance and mismanagement are not DP’s , but National Resistance Movement hallmarks.
Norbert Mao is Yoweri Museveni’s Cadre
Those that are still dreaming of Norbert Mao being a democratic, you need some reality check. His leadership model, can be compared to that of a militia leader and not a democratic political party.
The failure to apologize to Ugandans….something you would automatically expect from a leader of a “democratic” Party, is just enough to dump him in the dustbin of traitors that strangled voiceless Ugandans.
What is very annoying, is when Norbert Mao uses the tribal card “of being an Acholi and not a Muganda” to cover -up for his dictatorial tendencies and incompetence. Those people that his abusing and intimidating,  are the very voices that were out there calling for the end of Acholi genocide, while he was busy scrubbing  backs of UPDF murderers in Jacuzzi Baths and rolling Oteka joints for them,
I know many Acholi hardcore DP supporters, that have kept away from the party, because its being run by someone who once used his influence to Criminal Yoweri Museveni during the Acholi Genocide, to harass other Acholi leaders. We should not forget that Norbert Mao begged his master, Yoweri Museveni- many times  to help defeat FDC in Acholi.
Fellow Compatriots, the liberation of Uganda cannot be complete, without also getting rid of regime agents that are squatting in political parties, the Media, Civil Society, Businesses, etc. As all traitors have two  things in common; Hypocrisy and greed.
You all recall when traitor Nobrt Mao did his NRM Siasa, by accusing innocent Acholi children like; Dr. Ocan Lapit Otim, Maj. Oboke Okello Latigo, Sande Angoma Okello, Dr. Henry Obonyo, Dr. Charles Akena, Fred Okullo Otim, Alex Okot Langwen, Onek Adyanga, Lapwony Okwon, etc.,  that they were working on establishing a rebel group, the Uganda Patriotic Front (UPF).
To this day, we don’t know what happened to hundreds of  their friends and family members that were arrested and locked up in David Tinyefuza’s safe houses. Let him come and tell us where they went, did they escape or they died?? In short, you can say that Norbert Mao is responsible for keeping away many Acholi children in Diaspora from visiting their motherland.
You can now understand why Norbert Mao loves hanging out with the Acholi murderer, Killer David Tinyefuza.
Some thought for Uganda Democrats out there. How comes that NRM surrogates like Gilbert Bukenya and David Tinyefuza received more coverage by the patronage Media, than Norbert Mao’s Militia delegate conference at Katomi Kingdom Resort in Garuga ? What sort of political party is this that, fails to report on the real issues of the day, but instead is dominated by two undemocratic individuals, uh?
My observation on the current political situation in Uganda:
There’s a war that’s being waged on the young generation by the old guards. That’s why you see the patronage media aggressively forcing old  NRM/NRA  excrements, like Kiza Besigye, Amama Mbabazi, David Tinyefuza, Gilbert Bukenya, etc. down our throats. What’s even laughable, is the talk of a transitional government by the same dick-heads- as if Ugandans are too thick to decide for themselves between new patriots and the old guards!!
The struggle to uproot dictatorship from Uganda is not only about Criminal Yoweri Museveni, but the system called NRM/NRA. The fight should mainly target both physically and psychologically. the “PAKALAST” Extremists.
We should all remain vigorous and don’t drop our guard at fighting and exposing political hypocrisy in Uganda. The National Resistance Criminal out-fit, proxies in Uganda Democratic Party (DP) and Uganda People’s Congress (UPC), should be confronted using all means at our disposal.
Next-time I take a closer look at Criminal Yoweri Museveni’s Shadower in the Opposition, Amama Mbabazi.
Joram Jojo
Virunga Mountains

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