Saturday, 11 July 2015

Colombia Today Part1

This is a project that came up during our FARC-EP solidarity meeting in UK. We all agreed that Colombia suffers from an image problem. In fact,the media has been used as a tool to dehumanise and also demoralise the Colombia people's psyche. To the extent that they buy into everything the regime feeds them

During one of the workshops, we were also able to watch a documentary about Pablo Emilio Escobar, with no doubt in-spite of his other mistakes, he did help disadvantaged Colombians to achieve a certain level of respect on the international stage. However, we're not judge and jury-just look out for this movie "The Two Escobars" its a documentary well done and not a propaganda product.

We discovered that Colombia is not only a sleeping giant, but a true cultural melting pot, with very talented people, hospitable, funny in an interesting way, generous and of course show-offs.  However, para-militarism and other state security operatives were a nuisance to the Colombian society.

The similarities of Colombians are almost the same to those of Congolese 80%, and the further you go South west in Cauca department(region the terrain is similar to that of Kivu in Eastern Congo.
Kivu Congo
Cauca, Colombia
In fact the political landscape is also very similar. I think regional autonomy could solve many problems attributed to state incompetence in both regions.

This magazine will be in more than ten issues, so keep your cool if the first issues don't meet your taste as room for improvement and development is part of the process.

The main objective of this magazine is to trigger a certain feeling towards Colombia, by the government, that there's a better way to do things than Bombings and bankrolling para-military groups to sow terror among its population. 
Even in families, disagreements do take place, but it does not mean the one disagreeing with you should be considered a life-time enemy.

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