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Paul Kagame Was involved in Eliminating Guerrilla Commanders

Behind Presidential Curtains: The Conspiracy of Massacre of our Commanders

The syndicate and planning of the massacre of the RPA/RPF Senior commanders and officers was ordered and supervised by Kagame and his right hand men.  
Capt Sam Byaruhanga was assassinated in 1991 in Rubanda Kabale in Uganda, while he was coming from a meeting at Bishop Harerimana's. As he was coming from the meeting he picked up supplies from one of bishop Harerimana’s house, the meeting he had attended was briefing about the conduction of operations in Rwanda.

He had been repeatedly complaining about the death of Gen Fred Rwigyema , he was among the best fighters the RPA had, he would conduct operations and always regretted Rwigyema’s death, and Sam Byaruhanga did not believe that Major Paul Kagame was capable of leading the force, indeed Sam believed that Maj Kagame had a hand in Rwigyema’s death. At times whenever Sam talked about Rwigyema’s death would shed tears in his eyes and did not have any respect for Kagame at all.
The operation to kill Captain Sam Byaruhanga was conducted by Banga who was an intelligence officer, he had briefed Mustafa who was Deputy to Gadaffi Kazintwari the commanding officer of Sierra battalion. Mustafa and Banga were briefed to kill Sam Byaruhanga the whole operation was overseen by Banga and the trigger was pulled by Mustafa on their way from Rugano to Mutara. Mustafa was put in jail, however after the war was rewarded a large amount of money with houses and loans to commence business.
Lt Colonel Adam Waswa was killed by a planned car accident on his way from Uganda, at the time Major Kagame had just arrived, Adam Waswa who was on a higher rank than Major Kagame had taken over after Gen Rwigyema’s death. Also Lt Colonel Adam Waswa had been questioning the death of Gen Fred Rwigyema, this made Maj Kagame uncomfortable due to Adam’s experience on the field, Kagame was determined to finish off all the experienced commanders and so he could become the top man.
Similarly, Lt Katongole was killed due to complaining about poor explanation of how Gen Fred Rwigyema had been killed, it was in December 1990 when an attempt was made to kill Lt Katongole however he managed to abscond back to Uganda in Mbirizi, unfortunately Jack Nziza followed him together with Gasana Rurayi and brought him back to the sick bay in Mburo National park and was killed there.
Lt Musisi John who was Colonel Lizinde’s head of body guards was killed after being accused being close to Lizinde, was also suspected to be giving lizinde so much information, his killing was directed by Steven Balinda.
Lt Lutalo normally worked in medical department and was very close to Major Baingana, he normally told soldiers that Maj Baingana never killed or planned Gen Rwigyema’s death, he was killed due to pointing a finger to Major Kagame’s men.
A lady called Kaitesi was picked from Kampala and brought in Rugano, she was killed by Mugisha Kanwa. She had been accused of feeding information to the then Rwandese government.
Lt Rwamanywa was tied by his colleagues when entering Rwanda thrown in the river Kagera, fortunately he never died. The locals untied him and went back to Uganda, he had been suspected to communicate with the enemy which was untrue. He was killed by Alex Ibambasi in Uganda on his way trying to get back to the front line.
Senior officer Musisi Kugaya was born in Gitarama but came to Uganda and joined the NRA later came with RPA, he continuously complained of the people being killed in cross fires, he was an OPTO in 101 battalion of Vedaste Kaitare, he was later killed in Rushaki for being accused of trying to escape.
Senior officer Mutimbo Xeno was an optician in the NRA and was close to Gen Rwigyema who played a big role in forming the RPF,  he was killed after the questioning of the killing of the top commanders. He was sent on training and got killed by Nyamvumba after a dangerous torture despite begging that he had a heart condition. His appeal was not listened to until he died; Major Kagame had sent Patrick Nyamvumba among the instructors to make sure that the only optician who was also responsible for Major Kagame’s eyes is dead as he recently murdered his former Physician Dr. Gasakure.
Captain Muvunanyambo who was a General Administrative Officer (GAO), he had been rescued from Ruhengeri prison together with other seniors officer of the EX-FAR, he had been elevated to the RPA member of high command (MHC), he was later killed by Gen Jack Nziza. As I have mentioned above Muvunanyambo was rescued from Ruhengeri prison when the RPA attacked the Ruhengeri town, he was imprisoned following the fall out with the then President Habyalimana government. Captain Muvunanyambo was killed after approaching Major Kagame and asked him about the killings of Hutus who were being killed in Gishuro Karama and Tabagwe, he came to Gikoba in Shonga and asked Major Kagame as to why civilians were being killed. Captain Muvunanyambo was killed by (Bucyana) who is normally known as Agaba, he served as an intelligence officer in Steven Ndugute’s body guards; the death of Captain Muvunanyambo was supervised by now Gen Jack Nziza with directives from Kagame and his immediate aids.
Lt Bucyana Agaba had a brother in law who was married to Kangobe a sister to Bucyana, this brother in-law who was known as Mutambuzadembe a lorry driver, he was suspected to be supplying information to Rwanda then government. This brother in-law was killed by the RPA soldiers, and Lt Bucyana was working alongside now Gen Jack Nziza, he questioned his in laws death and attempts were made to kill him but then he run away asking for Senior officer Ndugute to save him, Ndugute spoke to Kagame that Bucyana was innocent, despite Kagame’s assurance that Bucyana will be spared, he was later deployed in Bungwe with Rose Kabuye and was killed there in 17th battalion under the command of senior officer Kananura.
Another senior officer Kaitare Vedaste was killed by now Colonel Karemera aka Mudaheranwa who gambled with examinations and ended up baptizing himself Karemera. Kaitare had been Rwigyema’s chief escort who was loved by all the forces, Kagame ordered his killing just because he was a good commander   and loved by all forces. Dr Colonel Karemera administered a poisonous injection to Kaitare when he required medical attention for a malaria fever.
Senior officer John Gashumba was killed by a landmine in Bungwe simply because Kagame thought that he was Kaitare’s close friend, and Kagame thought that he was capable of maintaining Gen Rwigyema’s legacy and possibly revenge about the killing of his close to commanders.
Senior officer Ntaganda who was deputy Yanky mobile force commanded by Fred Nyamurangwa was killed after a meeting in which he confronted Major Kagame to stop killing Hutu’s, he said that I came from Uganda with you but I am a Hutu and you are killing Hutu’s, he said that it doesn’t make sense capturing an area and killing local civilians just because they are Hutu’s. Ntaganda was killed after Kagame ordered his return to headquarters and stopped from operating on frontline, was killed by Epimaque Runanira and Gasana Rurayi.
Major Musisi Nyanjunga was an OPTO 7th battalion, he had a girlfriend that was also going out with now Gen Kabarebe James, he knew that James Kabarebe was HIV positive and decided to complain to Kagame. He was killed after allegations that he had said that Kagame was building a group of uncontrolled people. He was shot at just in the outskirts of Kigali.
The RPF soldiers killed each other for many reasons after capturing Kigali, among the reason as trivial might seem to be, houses and women were among the most, one of them is Lt Kinyata who was based in 5th battalion was killed for speaking about one of the then top commanders who had used his position to take Ben Karenzi’s girlfriend (fiancé).
In the next publication the Curtains will bring you the list of all the commanders who worked with Kagame to execute their fellow comrades either deliberately or under duress of their leader now the President of Rwanda (Kagame).
Noble Marara with anonymous Rebel Fighters

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