Monday, 12 May 2014

The Congolese Fashion Cult Part1

This issue is all about introducing a new look from the monotonous faked-up wigs that has become a trademark and an addiction within the Congolese fashionistas. We are delighted to announce that we have acquired new studios for our photography and modeling. See this as a review of what is to come.

The need to inspire and let Congolese know that its simplicity the new cool and not some trench coats,big bags and wigs that are cool.
Reclaiming the classic African look with a Congolese twist can stand-out...

Obviously, the followers of  Congolese fashion cult, still confuse extravagance, with good test. Never mind, the need to be absolutely chic. Its the price tag and not  quality of clothes to wear that matters most. Thus, clothes go with the body, and not the body that goes with the clothes.
To work like a slave so that one can buy expensive designer clothes when Congo/Africa has the best designers, is not developing Africans but making it poor in terms of creativity. With access to fashion software technology,designers can easily tailor their desired fashion with a click of the mouse and just send it to a printer.

The fashion industry is soon to go out of fashion,just like how photography studios died-the new clothes will come in a form of a spray. were you spray your parts of the body according to your desired fashion design,and within 10 minutes, the synthetic spray will fashion-mold itself as a fabric. This is not science fiction, as the spray is already on sell-not mentioning 3rd printing. In-fact, the mold is more stronger than cotton,nylon,canvas,etc. 
Question;How do you undress??

Hehehe, you take a bath and it melts!  Ehh,Kidding! 
Its easily expandable like rubber, so undressing is no big deal!
I think this is very exciting for consumers -think of it like how digital printing revolutionised sharing hand written material. Can you imagine of a tutor that would want to read a handwritten essay or report of 2000 words-40 students plus??
To be continued with more discussion of the fashion revolution that is soon to liberate you and me and its impact on the food industry, especially McDonalds,KFC,Nandos,etc.

joram jojo

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