Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Tanzania Multimedia Design2

This is a continuation from designing a Tanzania Multimedia production set-this set when in full production,it will feature an advanced video-music and film production studio for Tanzanian Artists. Though, this is not the finished product, but  its a good idea to show-case the idea..see it as a raw multimedia sketch.
This set will have clubs,stadium,cafe,hospital,market,game park,beach,school,homes,etc
I think having a bus stop in the production will come very handy when writing stories-scripts,as it makes sense to have a journey in a multimedia production. The set will feature mainly Mtwara,LindiDar es Salaam and Zanzibar because these are the places I know well. However, the Production is Tanzanian and for Tanzania.

 Maybe people might be wondering why I'm using the term Sharobaro Report? The script-story is based on Rags to Riches dreamers.

 Big up to all Sharobaros that have a dream to make it big...
Time to go back in the studio and do some dark designs-Ehh,don't forget to give me a big-up on Pride FM, Mtwara!

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