Sunday, 13 September 2015

Free Uganda Celebrates the Death of General Aronda Nyakairima

 Salute Comrades,
We would like to inform the people of the Great Lakes region of Africa, that the notorious murderer and tormentor of our people, General Aronda Nyakairima aka"Shitani", is no more to cause pain on our people.

The criminal was taken-out by the ghosts of his victims that were murdered in cold blood by him while en-route to Uganda from South Korea to commit more murders.
The Free Uganda Political organization does not consider the death of a mass murderer of our people as sad news, but good news. We as an organization we shall never be saddened by the death of anyone involved in the killing of innocent people. The demise of a heavyweight Killer, such as Gen.Aronda Nyakairima, does not only expose the hypocrisy of those Ugandans pouring messages of condolences to the murderer's family, but also shows that they have no remorse for his crimes.

Its a fact that Murderer Aronda Nyakairima is responsible for the deaths of tens in thousands of innocent people in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan,Somalia,Rwanda and Uganda. How can we forget the disappeared Ugandans that whose remains have never been recovered by their loved ones. How can we forget the property grabbing and displacements. How can we forget Concentration Camps in Northern Uganda. How can we forget the training and arming of lethal Militia out-fits in Congo to cause mayhem on the population. etc.

Though Murderer Aronda Nyakairima was one of the main military strategist of the most lethal dictatorships of our time, is no more, it does not mean that the dictatorship is short of murderers. However, the dictatorship has been punctured big time, and we expect more punctures to come very soon.
Fellow Comrades, Free Uganda will never give-in to emotional blackmailers especially when it involves human rights abusers. Our struggle is not to please families and friends of mass murderers, but total liberation from the murderous system that has left over 6 million innocent people dead in the Great Lakes region.
That's why the Great Lakes Victims Forum(GLVF) will be matching in the localities of: Goma(Congo DRC), Luanda(Angola),Ngara & Mtwara(Tanzania), and Kibitoke(Burundi). To celebrate the death of General Aronda Nyakairima.

May Murderer Aronda Nyakairima burn in Hell Forever!

Done in Rutshuru, RDC
Feza Kalala
Great Lakes Delegate

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