Thursday, 22 September 2016

Congo DR political Parties Congratulates the Congolese People for their Mobilisation

The Praesidium of the G7 met in urgent yesterday, Wednesday, September 21, 2016, to evaluate events in the city-province of Kinshasa from Monday 19 to Tuesday, September 20, 2016. In this assessment, we note that the Group of 7 political parties congratulates the Congolese people for their mobilisation, political maturity and determination to defend the Constitution and democracy in Congo DR.
 Unfortunately, they note, these peaceful demonstrations were violently repressed. Demanding the opening of an independent international investigation, the G7 criticises, police brutality and excessive use of force which, unfortunately, wich resulted to the death of more than 50 protesters.



The Praesidium of the G7 met this Wednesday, 21/09/2016 and assessed the events that marred the conduct of peaceful demonstrations called by the Rally of Forces acquired political and social change to ask INEC to convene the body election for the holding of the presidential election, in accordance with Article 73 of the Constitution of the Republic.

Millions of Congolese and Congolese have taken an active part in these events. The G7 congratulates the Congolese people for this mobilization, political maturity and determination to defend the Constitution and democracy in the DRC. Unfortunately, these peaceful demonstrations were violently repressed.
The G7 denounces police brutality and the use of lethal weapons which have killed over 50 protesters. The blood of these innocents will mingle, now, that of all the countrymen fallen in defence of the freedoms and rights of citizens. Their sacrifice will not remain fruitless.

The G7 has the deepest condolences to the bereaved families and partners with them to mourn with dignity, the freedom fighters.

The G7 is shocked but not surprised that no word of compassion came of the highest authorities of the state, to comfort the bereaved families.
In contrast, those who speak in the name of power are struggling to make an apology for violence.
The despicable acts perpetrated in the night of Monday, 19/09 Tuesday, 20/09 at by security officers undertake the direct responsibility of the Government of the Republic.

G7 calls for open, for this purpose, an independent international investigation.
The G7 stressed that these deaths too are also the result of irresponsibility and complacency of the Bureau of the INEC, become the instrument of the project of constitutional violation by the ruling majority.
The sad events, above, are demonstrating, once again, Mr. Edem Kodjo of the disability, Facilitator challenged by the Rally, to conduct a dialogue-solution to the political crisis deliberately created by the government in power.

G7 calls for a genuine political dialogue, truly inclusive, transparent and sincere in line with the 2277 resolution of the UN Security Council.

G7 calls, to this end, the United Nations and African Union to propose a facilitator able to reassure all stakeholders.

G7 calls on the Congolese people to remain vigilant and reject any negotiated political settlement within the framework of the ongoing dialogue which is not the one recommended by the 2277 resolution.

Done at Kinshasa, 9/21/2016

The Chairman,

Charles Mwando

National MP

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