Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Congolese Comics: Princes Kabibi Falls in Love

 This comic concept is a bout a Princes  falling in love with a local  boy-the two have something in common, the love for dancing Kibasa Dance.Princes Kabibi uses her feminine charms to win local boy, Papa Tonto. But Papa Tonto, in-spite of being a great showman on the dancing floor, he's got a very shy heart.
 The problem with Papa Tonto, is his contagious funny side that keeps Prices Kabibi stalking him.
The dancing skills of Princes Kabibi, earned her a leopard gown that was won by Queen Nzinga, while fighting Portuguese invaders of Kongo Kingdom.
 Papa Tonto, seems to have accidentaly mentioned hisl love for Princes Kabibi...

 Apparently,Princes Kabibi is being stalked by a Tanzania Music Promoter of Sharobaro Music Production.
Princes Kabibi has made it perfect that she's going to advertise her lover...
When You get back from your holidays, remember to come and see what happened to Princes Kabibi. Did she dump Papa Tonto for the Tanzanian Music Promoter??

Joram Jojo

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