Saturday, 23 August 2014

A Day in Paul Kagame Teritory

This project is a continuation from deconstructing Paul Kagame's narrative of a wonderful Rwanda, and what Rwanda is all about in the eyes of Banyarwanda children. I'll be mixing Kinyarwanda,English,French, and Swahili as are the main languages spoken in Rwanda.
The main idea behind this project is to try and find the reason behind Criminal Paul Kagame's , I know it and I'm right attitude. When an entire people become a prisoner and at the mercy of one little fuck, then you know that something somewhere has gone wrong.
We see foreign bourgeois mainly from USA &UK being paid huge sums of Rwanda Tax payers,savings and pensions to paint Criminal Paul Kagame with bright colours as the founder of Rwanda. Thus, Anglo-Saxon petty-bourgeois are made to believe that Rwanda came into existence after 1994.
Basically, their ideological trend  is one that holds democratic and freedom prejudices against Banyarwanda, because they don't want to see them also in more or less petty-bourgeois conditions of life such as;Freedom of Speech,Liberty,Human rights,etc.

As you can observe from the presentation, Rwanda Politicians have no respect for the youth, as they're only useful during elections, but after they're nothing to them.

Part 2 coming very soon..

joram jojo

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