Monday, 16 December 2013

Paul Kagame Was Humiliated in South Africa

The world of Paul Kagame has become very predictable and at the same-time pathetic. Early this week Paul Kagame shunned the company of world leaders that had gathered in a collective statesmanship to pay their tribute and also celebrate the heavy weight of Freedom, Nelson Mandela. However, criminal Paul had some other selfish rendezvous to pursue.
As we reported earlier this week, the Kagame’s have an usual greed for money and this made them chose between Nelson Mandela and Howard Buffett $ 3.7 million. Remember that this’s the same foundation that went against human rights and rescued Paul Kagame’s life style when the entire international community withheld(Aid to Rwanda), due to his chronic- criminality in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Just like the old saying goes, there’s no Free lunch ! The opportunistic nature of Paul Kagame according to him, Howard Buffet is more important than Nelson Mandela-thus, a unique partner. Being a unique partner to Criminal Paul Kagame means a comrade in his Criminal activities-nothing less but exactly that.
This is how Criminal Kagame shunned Nelson Mandela and instead went to shamelessly pour praises to Howard Buffet, a fellow member of his criminal enterprise:
The award we are celebrating tonight is described as recognition of people and partnerships who have made significant and lasting contributions to individual, family and community well-being locally and around the world,”
“From that perspective, Howard has been a unique partner. In fact, during one of his recent visits in Rwanda, I jokingly remarked to him that people like him were either “rare” or “strange” in our region.”
This situation has taught us to value and appreciate people of conviction who have the courage to do the right thing even when it is considered controversial by others. Howard is one of those people,” remarked the President,” remarked the President
I also know Howard as a man of action. When he has decided to do something, he makes sure it happens. For example: when we met in August this year, he committed to two things:
Partnering to modernize and develop DRC-Rwanda border post; and supporting Rwanda’s Strategic Capacity Building Initiative to strengthen our government institutions. When Howard returns to Rwanda next week, both these initiatives will be well underway.”
This project which funds specific development projects in eastern DRC will play a significant part in lasting peace and stability that is sought in the DRC and beyond.
If someone is associated with a thief or a murderer, one way of understanding such a relationship is by analysing the commonalities between the personalities’ involved. Thus,  an accomplice without any doubt; Lies, greed and lack of humanity are genuine characteristics of Criminal Paul Kagame.
If people remember, back in October 2010, when the Mapping Report came out, it demonstrated that his forces had been responsible for atrocities against Hutu refugees and Congolese populations which could mount to genocide if brought in front of a court.
There cannot be acts of committing genocide, without element of racism towards the victims. Thus, backers of Criminal Paul Kagame  are simply racists hiding behind Foundation-Capacity Building.
As if the humiliation suffered by Rwandans wasn’t -enough for Criminal Paul Kagame by not being part of the world community/team when most needed to represent & lead Banyarwanda at the highest(time of grief) level.He instead insulted Banyarwanda by sending Rwanda Patriotic Front Party functionaries, as if Rwanda is a one party state.
After the dust had settled, the criminal thought he would sneak to the Union Building in Pretoria-Where Nelson Mandela’s Body  lies.  To be accorded  the status of a star  that he normally receives within the global criminal fraternity-carrying envelopes of dirty money he placed the bundles next to the casket and turned around to face the TV camera. But to his astonishment, a very visible angry guard tossed the envelopes back at him and asked him what is this?? Guess what, Jeannet Nyiramongi Kagame picked the dirty envelopes and cuddled them like a teddy Bear. Then , Criminal Kagame staggered on the side and kept staring at the floor while biting his lower lip with shame.
Our Peeping Tom in the plane confirmed that Criminal Paul Kagame was silent and never even uttered a single word till they flew back to Rwanda-He could see a fool swimming in shame…and shame… What a disgrace to Rwanda and Africa…….. the fool deserves a big smack in his face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What is so sad and disturbing, is when criminal Paul Kagame returned to Rwanda, he decided to unjustly sentence a Rwandan opposition leader Victoire Ingabire from 8 years to 15 years in prison. This just shows you how pathetic and heartless Paul Kagame is.
Victoire Ingabire returned to Rwanda in January 2010, after 16 years in exile, to take part in the presidential elections of the same year. She was arrested in October 2011 and now in jail.
I wish Paul Kagame could shame Banyarwanda and name the amount of money(Price) to pay him-so he can leave Banyarwanda and Congolese alone, and Go leave with his buddies.

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